Does Papa have what it takes to become a CS:GO pro player? I think yes B-)

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  • So good to see Papanomaly finally fighting back!

    Colonel RadecColonel Radec2 dagar sedan
  • 11:05 grown men btw

    Donatas DosinasDonatas Dosinas2 dagar sedan
  • Fact : no one know the website

    No NameNo Name3 dagar sedan
  • What is that website he is testing on called?

    Confused ObsidianConfused Obsidian5 dagar sedan
  • Ive watch alot of u peoplez and now i think ik that "Nae" means no

    7xinys7xinys8 dagar sedan
  • 10:32 score

    ReZp_PoNsiReZp_PoNsi18 dagar sedan
  • Papa needs to join Silver Snipers

    BoovisBoovis22 dagar sedan
  • You should actually try get papa good at the game so he can be in a twitch highlight

    BigHaverLegend 69BigHaverLegend 6926 dagar sedan
  • When someones Grandpa has 10x better reaction time than you

    Master MātaiMaster Mātai28 dagar sedan
  • Im from Germany and i never saw you get or drink one good german beer! You get only the cheapest export beers in your fan mail man. I would send you some REAL good German beer - but i spend all on Heroin again.

    Busch DoktorBusch Doktor29 dagar sedan
  • "Papa you are monke" killed me xD

    Ga MerGa MerMånad sedan
  • i got reaction test 49ms lul

    Tom EnqvistTom EnqvistMånad sedan
  • f

    StalkerStalkerMånad sedan
  • 11:15 angry Santa Claus

    Gay LordGay LordMånad sedan
  • in the memory tests people cheat a lot thats why he has a low percentage aswell

    The EndThe EndMånad sedan
  • Among Us crewmate when he does the memorize pattern test: "HOW DARE YOU OPPOSE ME MORTAL"

    RednexiumRednexiumMånad sedan
  • One time when papa bully that big chubby fuck thing. Jk

    TomcioTomcioMånad sedan
  • 3:40

    CornelushCornelushMånad sedan
  • 7:44 😂😂😂

    X_Radianowsky_XX_Radianowsky_XMånad sedan
  • finnish peasant

    MineGameplayROMineGameplayROMånad sedan
  • wtf bro im want navi shirt

    Veljko IlincicVeljko IlincicMånad sedan
  • 70 3rd %

    CpzasCpzasMånad sedan
  • Your dad looks like Santa Claus xD

    BidgetBidgetMånad sedan
  • Damn you have a relationship with your father like it's your older brother that's so nice

    Unlucky PacksUnlucky PacksMånad sedan
  • Halo

    CrinklesCrinklesMånad sedan
  • Å

    linus lindholmlinus lindholm2 månader sedan
  • where did u get that ak from

    Best FiveM shooterBest FiveM shooter2 månader sedan
  • what is name of that test

    Agata JukowskaAgata Jukowska2 månader sedan
  • New Silver Sniper !! ? :D

    Christian GullerudChristian Gullerud2 månader sedan
  • Rude son,.

    Jajajajua JajajauaJajajajua Jajajaua2 månader sedan

    Low-end source gamerLow-end source gamer2 månader sedan
  • 0:00 POV: youre losing brain cells

    EatriotEatriot2 månader sedan
  • Santa plays csgo.... and it's better than me.

    IamFastAsFck IamFastAsFckIamFastAsFck IamFastAsFck2 månader sedan
  • Give him g fuel extra beer He will could beat a pro with 1 tap

    chesedaycheseday2 månader sedan
  • 8:44 Papa Thwomp

    WiseGuyWiseGuy2 månader sedan
  • Papanomaly got a great reaction time because Anomaly keep throwing shit at him

    Kim JonssonKim Jonsson2 månader sedan
  • 12:18 Papa has big wound on leg😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    nonipolskanonipolska2 månader sedan
  • Jag hör att du är svensk

    Swedish memerSwedish memer2 månader sedan
  • papa is a luminosity fan i think he should be mibr godsent or liquid fan now or faze too

    JohnnYjakeRJohnnYjakeR2 månader sedan
  • Papa look so old now. Hope he can live longer

    Comment Section and video reviewerComment Section and video reviewer2 månader sedan
  • i had on the reaction time 4ms

    Juicy_NovaJuicy_Nova2 månader sedan
  • Who can give me any skin in csgo

    Imgay OxImgay Ox2 månader sedan
    • Nobody

      klapki-klapkaklapki-klapkaMånad sedan
  • the memorising one is just a task from among us long

    Austin BlakeAustin Blake2 månader sedan
  • 2:13

    Ridho RamadhanRidho Ramadhan2 månader sedan
  • 2:12

    Ridho RamadhanRidho Ramadhan2 månader sedan
  • mine was 89 milisecodns

    Rrezart IRrezart I2 månader sedan
  • What is your rank

    Epic windowEpic window2 månader sedan
  • What is your rank

    Epic windowEpic window2 månader sedan
  • 名は見はにはなまをや

    Epic windowEpic window2 månader sedan
  • New video: Anomaly takes the test to prove how "pro" he is while Papa gives him the same moral support he received.

    Craig ButlerCraig Butler2 månader sedan
  • 8:27 he really turned into rick in this part

    ScyclefScyclef2 månader sedan
  • anomaly pls be a little bit nicer to ur father he is ur parent he doesnt deserve to be hit by his son

    Martin AleksievMartin Aleksiev2 månader sedan
  • old man play cs.

    1st TURDMAN!1st TURDMAN!2 månader sedan
  • i tried the reaction time best i could get was 195ms

    TTaze venomTTaze venom3 månader sedan
  • i got 24 sec ezzzzzzzzz

    benjaminbenjamin3 månader sedan
  • Papanomaly has faster reflex than me

    NotSoNiceNotSoNice3 månader sedan
  • this channel should be called: swedish gamer & Santa Claus

    Magnus SegerlundMagnus Segerlund3 månader sedan
  • Alternative Title : Fat Artist Gay Threatened old father to Play CSGO or he will not give him his beer pool back

    Kamyab ValKamyab Val3 månader sedan
  • even anomaly is clickbaiting us in the every thumbnails but we still love him

    :}:}3 månader sedan
  • What website is this

    Thomas MooreThomas Moore3 månader sedan
  • Do a papa every round win he get to drink a shot :)

    Sir MeliodasSir Meliodas3 månader sedan
  • papanomaly has better reaction timing than me :(

    rush adidasrush adidas3 månader sedan
  • Yes

    Manos ΡηνακηςManos Ρηνακης3 månader sedan
  • “how bout that? you fucker?”

    n bn b3 månader sedan
  • Pappanomaly mot KennyS

    08OR08OR3 månader sedan
  • whats name of this site?

    MemeszekkkMemeszekkk3 månader sedan
  • Papa, 60 year old man: avg 223ms Me, 15: 280ms :(

    Alex JAlex J3 månader sedan
  • what is website called

    merc Tmerc T3 månader sedan
  • Alternate title: fat Swedish man trys to teach his father video games

    cyber reapercyber reaper3 månader sedan
  • just xd

    stachu dżonsstachu dżons3 månader sedan

    Playboi KudiPlayboi Kudi3 månader sedan
  • Great video

    nwgnwg3 månader sedan
  • alternate title: Old drunk man beats up his autistic overweight son

    Mário PodolanMário Podolan3 månader sedan
  • Santa?

    ILIQNILIQN3 månader sedan
  • Papa must have a pretty strong heart to withstand this 600 pounds of pure blubber every day..

    Boon HaoBoon Hao3 månader sedan
  • What is this website called

    Scorpion AppehlScorpion Appehl3 månader sedan
  • What is the name of map?

    M1cuM1cu3 månader sedan
  • now we're waiting for a competitive with papa

    s0lixtudes0lixtude3 månader sedan
  • When papanomaly is a better cs player than you

    DJP5DJP53 månader sedan
  • Matchmaking with papanomaly next? :)

    Kirby GuzmanKirby Guzman3 månader sedan
  • papa global beer

    HotGreenHotGreen3 månader sedan
  • u wanna go again ? NO :)

    MartinMartin3 månader sedan
  • Can papa play cs while he is drunk så får du en svensk like

    Ultra BassUltra Bass3 månader sedan
  • papa is actually trying tho

    SlugFluentSlugFluent3 månader sedan
  • Is that Santanomaly?

    VoltaVolta3 månader sedan
  • 13:25

    PIX3L PLAYERPIX3L PLAYER3 månader sedan
  • Yeeeeeees

    Matt MediaMatt Media3 månader sedan
  • beautiful intro

    MinerexMinerex3 månader sedan
  • 1:17 0_0

    zetniqzetniq3 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: If you buy a bigger bed, you’ll have more bedroom but less bedroom.

    peter keyopeter keyo3 månader sedan
  • Papanomaly needs to try Polish Spirytus Vodka. It's 96% Alcohol

    kraszerixkraszerix3 månader sedan
  • Lord Papa is finally killing that finish peasant 🤣🤣🤣

    Shintarō LinShintarō Lin3 månader sedan
  • me: unmutes mic on zoom class meeting, anomaly: aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    RiftzRiftz3 månader sedan
  • Give him a gamming pc the best wingman squard

    Sebastian SodeSebastian Sode3 månader sedan
  • Reject modernity: Luminosity Embrace tradition: Fnatic

    Parsa KondoriParsa Kondori3 månader sedan
  • Papa's beard is the best

    KubaKuba3 månader sedan
  • Haha Silversnipers next ;)

    XzimmXzimm3 månader sedan
  • 0:01 me right now

    Noah MNoah M3 månader sedan
  • fat

    fredags fiskenfredags fisken3 månader sedan
  • I got a 12 ms Reaction time xD

    Justin G.Justin G.3 månader sedan