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    • I was 101 comment, anomaly fat

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    • hehe

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    • E

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    • XD

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    • Im on it

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  • 10:42 70% of kids watching right now XDDD

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  • This is how u do a sponsorship

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  • 7:19 loo

    Mathew YaganiskiMathew Yaganiski6 dagar sedan
  • wait "IS THAT ANOMALY'S HAIR" 5:13

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  • 0:46 Ludvig onestone

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  • lead

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  • Last time I checked you had 1m subs and now 985k

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  • you did the thick water thing long ago

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  • Energy drink baba ghanoush

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  • this is the fastest way to cardiac arrest

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  • 4:00 pigs at my local farm

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  • 5:13 anomaly hair reveal

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  • Bruh he leaked himself

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  • wikinger bockwurst und bavaria beer XD

    Kevin KohlhuberKevin Kohlhuber27 dagar sedan
  • anomaly: i dont drink. also anomaly: i tought this one would taste much worse then the vodka

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  • I hate every single person in this study hall thank you anomaly your the only thing keeping me sane rn

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  • Anomaly: beer is haram Also anomaly: *20 liters of redbull a day*

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  • HARRAMMMMMmmmm.mmMMMM ARE YOU muslim

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  • Är du muslim på riktigt

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  • 11:44 oh sorry

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  • Bro they are drinking Danish beer, Faxe that is one of the best beers i have ever tried

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  • i just realised that he wasnt wearing a mask in here 5:09

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  • 3:51 hakuna matata

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  • nao u will smel liek såsidsj

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  • You are a muslime im too

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  • milk energy shake

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  • I love the t-shirt King diamond yes

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  • 6:15 mashallah habibi 🤣

  • LOL the time was 21:38 for me when i was watching this

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  • 5:33 I could hear that halfway across the world omg

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  • i didnt know that they called milk halib and thats what they call milk in arabic too which is (حليب ) Halib,ps im not arabic,and wow i didnt know thats ludwigs muslim or atleast goes by muslim policies like Alcohol is haram n shit

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  • The good ol faxebeer. Butttttttt here is a better version than the white can. The faxebeer in the black can has 10 instead of 5 percent alcohol. Very yummy hahahaha

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  • It's to bad that Gfuel is just overpriced crap, even with a discount.

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  • anomaly:So what flavour? papanomalt:Yes

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  • 0:02 me when child

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  • mayonez

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  • yez

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

    N9.The_NoobN9.The_Noob2 månader sedan
  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • 10:20

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  • Pickle water

    reta derreta der2 månader sedan

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  • I got a beer advertisement at the start of the video xddd

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  • why anomaly doesn't drink alcohol?

    suff-hunter23suff-hunter232 månader sedan
  • 5:10 kinda off a face reveal.

    Paper GamerPaper Gamer2 månader sedan
  • 8:27 *bear noises

    Aurel ElekAurel Elek2 månader sedan
  • This gives me pepsi gfuel flashbacks

    CedricFromBelgiumCedricFromBelgium2 månader sedan
  • How did they get edible aloe vera?

    Evan EvaldiEvan Evaldi2 månader sedan
  • leme stay with mnstr

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  • 5:12 anomaly hair colour reveal

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  • anomaly

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  • you shouldve done milk with strawberry banana

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  • POV;you are looking to papas grandpa(looking to jony sins)

    Utku UlaşUtku Ulaş2 månader sedan
  • Disclaimer : "Tiddies of papanomaly were harmed during making of this video"

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  • you should put vodka in sausage water..

    saMbObsaMbOb3 månader sedan
  • 1:21 I’m surprised how fast his hands are

    Lillebrorsan VincentLillebrorsan Vincent3 månader sedan
  • Nobody: REALLY Nobody : Papanomaly: Yes!

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  • poor papa

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  • Is he really muslim

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  • Love the sanctuary garden

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  • кум латер

    VaSeT0VaSeT03 månader sedan
  • (5:21) Linda Confirmed Actor?

    Watch yo JetWatch yo Jet3 månader sedan
  • Are u muslim boi

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  • “Buy14$ get 80$ back”. Me: ??????????????????!!??????

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  • Mixing alcohol with a ton of sugar is not a good combination lol

    lordlord3 månader sedan
  • Me when friday comes 6:51

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  • 9:10 wait and see 😂🤣😂

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    The Penitent OneThe Penitent One3 månader sedan
  • Anomaly showed his throat by accident. All viewers goes crazy that he did a throat reveal.

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  • 8:27 angry minecraft wolf noises.mp3

    suunik ϟsuunik ϟ3 månader sedan
  • 5:13 look at the top right

    Baswara NealBaswara Neal3 månader sedan
  • Papa After Every Anomaly Video 7:21

    NomartheBeast gamingNomartheBeast gaming3 månader sedan
  • Papanomaly probably beated the crap out of you after the video

    Yass craftYass craft3 månader sedan
  • Anomaly poisoning his dad colorized

    AlphaLeader772AlphaLeader7723 månader sedan
  • 2:22 thought the same thing just before the tag hahahaha

    Tom MTom M3 månader sedan
  • "don't drink sosig water" Radal:HOW DARE U!?!?!?! SOSIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaska JokunenJaska Jokunen3 månader sedan
  • Alcohol is indeed haram my friend, I am proud of you

    Erdem BatmazErdem Batmaz3 månader sedan
  • 5:14 oh nooo, 1 min late D:

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  • Millions upon millions years of evolution of the humankind and this is still the best content out there on SEslow

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  • Papanomaly drink c grape water

    Hero P. SabarreHero P. Sabarre3 månader sedan
  • 11:09 that's a perfect š(sch)

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  • Thanos did the dirty on papa @anomaly

    SomLordSomLord3 månader sedan
  • Fat

    zed xdzed xd3 månader sedan
  • aNomaLy say: run car snow pen hehe you know what it means ;)

    TgbsTgbs3 månader sedan
  • At 8:57 the orange juice turned brown, because brown is actually just a shade of orange, not a color of itself. If you take orange and decrease the brightness of it, it eventually turns brown at this point. Same applies to substances. The gfuel made it so that the oj reflected less light, thus turning it brown.

    forestchildforestchild3 månader sedan
  • 12:12 when Thanos gives you a facial

    LeviLevi3 månader sedan
  • there are more gfuel plugs in this video than there are chromosomes in anomalys brain-

    Nojus KojosNojus Kojos3 månader sedan
  • HARAM!!!!!

    MikeMike3 månader sedan
  • 8:09 "chip , i think." LMFAOOOO I FUCCIN LOST IT xD

    ZombeaterZombeater4 månader sedan
  • I love the fact that anomaly get the glass to his mouth and be like *more* And papa accepts it 😂 Papa king

    Zynx wuvs youZynx wuvs you4 månader sedan