The ship sunk ((
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Ladda ner



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    Anomaly & PapanomalyAnomaly & Papanomaly26 dagar sedan
    • @Kappa2000 for a sponsor? truly sad.

      GManHeavyGManHeavy16 dagar sedan
    • papa needs beer

      GManHeavyGManHeavy16 dagar sedan
    • they probably paid 500k

      ir0nir0n23 dagar sedan
    • No

      Chost-05Chost-0523 dagar sedan
    • Unsubbing on both Channels

      Kappa2000Kappa200023 dagar sedan
  • gay papa

    kijsonkijson2 timmar sedan
  • All the beers are very watery when u open them like that

    Vasilis ArnaoutisVasilis ArnaoutisDag sedan
  • Imagine what Anomaly's landlord would say or react if he saw his channel lmao

    No VenciNo Venci6 dagar sedan
  • that's beer abuse

    melna maizitemelna maizite9 dagar sedan
  • 6:17 i see why its german beer

    Nokia3345Nokia334513 dagar sedan
  • Ludde is so fkn bad at pouring a beer.

    MärbsMärbs15 dagar sedan
  • It's about brother and sister Like a crime fighting duo ?? It's about brother and sister That Fakk

    Afterfall81Afterfall8115 dagar sedan
  • I thought the added a fat character beacuse I thought they felt bad for him for being fat and gay 1:15 Edit: This just a joke

    0593 - Muhammad Pavlovich Radchenko0593 - Muhammad Pavlovich Radchenko15 dagar sedan
  • I like sitting in my room, in the middle of the day and watching old man consuming beer.

    Mark KOLESOVMark KOLESOV15 dagar sedan
  • 8:45 The moment when anomaly tasted alcohol for the first time.

    OliviaOlivia15 dagar sedan
  • how dare u accept raid as a sponsor, shame on u xDD

    Alex SmyroglouAlex Smyroglou16 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Papa's leg?

    Kristóf KemenczeiKristóf Kemenczei16 dagar sedan
  • #papanomalylifematter

    johnny20johnny2016 dagar sedan
  • Papa should make moonshine

    Adrian WojcikAdrian Wojcik17 dagar sedan
  • Autistic humor is the best

    Wise TurtleWise Turtle17 dagar sedan
  • at 2:22 any one hear anything

    Taco497Taco49718 dagar sedan
  • Papinno Hipsterino

    Ragme elASRagme elAS18 dagar sedan
  • can i come clean ur living room, please. it is hurting my heart.

    WHIT3RRR -_-WHIT3RRR -_-19 dagar sedan
  • go clean room bro or fuck squirrel

    fantomfantom19 dagar sedan
  • Literally all of these beer videos are the same. *Pappa takes sip* Anomaly: what did you think? Pappa: eeeh... näää not so much

    cereal with bleachcereal with bleach19 dagar sedan
  • Fat Ludwig fokin clean your danm room

    GhostSniper DkGhostSniper Dk20 dagar sedan
  • This house can't be clean in the slightest.

    Jop LaaneJop Laane20 dagar sedan
  • You have such a beautiful apartment. Why are you destroying it?

    Tibor KuczoraTibor Kuczora20 dagar sedan
  • imagine the smell inside their fucking flat

    -grdth--grdth-20 dagar sedan
  • no fucking way did papa actually enjoy the jungle juice

    wadewade21 dag sedan
  • please clean your apartment

    comfcomf21 dag sedan
  • Anomaly why don't you and Papa make your own beer brand like Pappa's beer and papa can make his own flavor ---- i would guess that it would be the best beer cuz he himself is a professional alcoholic

    Tomas MolnárTomas Molnár21 dag sedan
  • i wonder how much you pay linda for cleaning all your apartment from beer and shit i mean rly how your floor is still not broken

    SnowY ComFSnowY ComF21 dag sedan
  • Is that a monkey? 4:01

    Sanna ZhellSanna Zhell21 dag sedan
  • fyfan vilket alkoholmissbruk... Det ska drickas , inte spillas.

    Dani DeathDani Death21 dag sedan
  • Can we fundraiser a maid for his living room?

    The Energetic ProblemThe Energetic Problem22 dagar sedan
  • 1 million subscribers: apartment cleaning timelapse/vlog in parts

    emptyclouDemptyclouD22 dagar sedan
  • netional yeographee 8:09

    braneebranee22 dagar sedan
  • Did i just get raid rolled

    The VillagerThe Villager22 dagar sedan
  • Please clean up

    KaonashiKaonashi22 dagar sedan
  • lil Choker: best rapper 2021

    Riot CailinRiot Cailin22 dagar sedan
  • I want to watch a video where Anomaly cleans the room

    Marshal DocksMarshal Docks22 dagar sedan
  • Papanomaly is hella fuckin savage! 3:08

    NikroNikro22 dagar sedan
  • 7:41 mmm

    crackercracker22 dagar sedan
  • 9:18 and 9:29: Some casual "Solsidan" quotes. Quality content right here.

    Niklas EngborgNiklas Engborg22 dagar sedan
  • Wow™ will take over every other company

    Of KdkwOf Kdkw22 dagar sedan
  • papa's voice is like sniper from tf2 :D

    natas balciunasnatas balciunas22 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 Mario Song Easter Egg. :)

    GabrielGabriel22 dagar sedan
  • Stop promoting this ass game

    Z0D1AC MARZZ0D1AC MARZ22 dagar sedan
  • Let papa try snus please

    CrackKidCrackKid23 dagar sedan
  • When will he ever take out the trash?

    James EkholmJames Ekholm23 dagar sedan
  • I want to see you clean the apartment haha

    ChaosCSChaosCS23 dagar sedan
  • Can you test cider?

    Anton RöuvhöulAnton Röuvhöul23 dagar sedan
  • Abt12 is almost a direct copy of worlds best beer Westvleteren 12 only a 7?! WTF

    Peter BeensePeter Beense23 dagar sedan
  • Bruh Please clean your house 🥺

    Prim ProdukcióPrim Produkció23 dagar sedan
  • this video mama'd my mia

    L0CZEQL0CZEQ23 dagar sedan
    • or mia'd my mama

      L0CZEQL0CZEQ23 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Liquix999Liquix99923 dagar sedan
  • bro... fuckin clean yo house

    EreneruEreneru23 dagar sedan
  • 5:57 >Foundation 11 >"it's called foundation two" bruh

    Glajskor90Glajskor9023 dagar sedan
  • ANOMALY FÖR HELVETE!!!! grab urself a beer and clean ur appartment

    Jonathan GranlundJonathan Granlund23 dagar sedan
  • Maaan, what wouldn't i do to to go on vacation to malta and clean your dumpster of a apartment for free

    JayNotFoundJayNotFound23 dagar sedan
  • Can we hit 1 Million ??

    12512523 dagar sedan
  • "Who's Luke and why is he warm?" Proceeds to spit beer out

    jay boyer-hiltonjay boyer-hilton23 dagar sedan
  • at 1 mill you try beer

    SaleSale23 dagar sedan
  • Wait is hace in you Livingroom xD

    Kevin primKevin prim23 dagar sedan
  • Why did I stop getting anomaly vids recommended? Shadow banned?

    RylleeRyllee23 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly wtf are you doing you are literally not even drunk

    NoksusNoksus23 dagar sedan
  • maybe next time make the beers cold lol

    Pontus CarlssonPontus Carlsson23 dagar sedan
  • im come from pakistan to papa

    PhasterineWTPhasterineWT23 dagar sedan
  • I want papanomaly to spit beer in my mouth too

    Arnzt med zipbagenArnzt med zipbagen23 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly’s and papa’s living situation looks more and more disgusting

    Cum GrannyCum Granny23 dagar sedan
  • Would have been better if they were opened normally

    OfrenicOfrenic23 dagar sedan
  • the origins of covid 19 can be traced to anomaly's biological hazard of a living room..

    Kazimierz WojcikKazimierz Wojcik23 dagar sedan
  • Do this again but pour them all into a huge bottle to taste at the end

    6DOUBLE66DOUBLE623 dagar sedan
  • Papa lookin very sexy

    TheCangleTheCangle23 dagar sedan
  • Why are anomalys videos from dumbster and not from his living room as before?

    GrumpyGrumpy24 dagar sedan
  • Use SALT+ICE+WATER in a bucket to cool your beer in the fastest way possible. Be generous with the salt and ice. The salt will cause the ice to melt faster using the heat of the pisswarm beer as energy. 3-5 minutes and your can of beer or energy drink is very cool and ready to drink.

    Henrik SvenssonHenrik Svensson24 dagar sedan
  • It's painful to watch Anomaly ruin beer with bad pours.

    Colonel InfernalColonel Infernal24 dagar sedan
  • Papa leg scar story

    Christian BakChristian Bak24 dagar sedan
  • Poop

    Zevs ballaZevs balla24 dagar sedan
  • Tell Papa to test Corona or Sol Beer, i think they are The best

    ekkekekeieekkekekeie24 dagar sedan
    • those are literally the two most popular beers in the world he has tasted them already

      assass23 dagar sedan
  • Remindes me of that GTA 5 scene

    MatuchoMatucho24 dagar sedan
  • hoarder

    binnéabinnéa24 dagar sedan
  • C'mon fatomaly, your place is starting to look too disgusting bro

    Kim JonssonKim Jonsson24 dagar sedan
  • gone wrong like every video but i love them anyway

    ElChapoElChapo24 dagar sedan
  • pin this or you can shut the hell your mouth

    Botló BotondBotló Botond24 dagar sedan
  • clean your room hoarder

    MauriceMaurice24 dagar sedan
  • 06:21 lmao

    Carl MagnussonCarl Magnusson24 dagar sedan
  • Did not See anything that (GONE WRONG) EVERYTHING NORNAL HERE

    EinfachKvnEinfachKvn24 dagar sedan
  • Ship

    RHINORHINO24 dagar sedan
  • Why does his apartment gets dirtier and dirtier by every video he drops

    Rasmus RubneRasmus Rubne24 dagar sedan
  • I hope you pay papa

    Jumanji007Jumanji00724 dagar sedan
  • "OHH NOO MY ROOF!" ignores the fact that his house is a dump with beer all over the place

    Sai Chao LeeSai Chao Lee24 dagar sedan
  • 3:06 🖕

    Аnna RАnna R24 dagar sedan
  • why did this feel like a howtobasic video

    ZeniKZeniK24 dagar sedan
  • The return of the kings

    Rafael LynxRafael Lynx24 dagar sedan
  • I feel validated that he liked the St. Bernardus It's pretty good, but not that good. You know you have taste for beer if papa has the same opinion as you.

    kiritomenskiritomens24 dagar sedan
  • Whats that scar on papas thighs

    Kuppi ZKuppi Z24 dagar sedan
  • I just saw Papanomaly in my dream wtf

    ErlikErlik24 dagar sedan
  • Could you let the man drink BEER instead of FOAM? It makes me really nervous

    Sacha SydorovSacha Sydorov24 dagar sedan
  • This chanell is starting to become a beer rewiew chanell

    a slavic_brothera slavic_brother24 dagar sedan
  • Your house is so dirty

    oregano kaleoregano kale24 dagar sedan
  • anomaly gets a 1 atom of alcohol drink in his mouth hes more drunk then papa

    Tom EnqvistTom Enqvist24 dagar sedan

    Gian UrwilerGian Urwiler24 dagar sedan