This is the story about how I met all my friends 😎

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  • Anomaly really out here pretending he has friends? XD

    GustavGustav5 månader sedan
    • xd hahahaha true

      BennyKingenBennyKingen2 månader sedan
    • 1:08 47 years ago?

      YakyYaky2 månader sedan
    • Old joke. Old.

      Kenan RhysKenan Rhys5 månader sedan
    • @Bumble poopy head 🙈 lol

      NeoLightNeoLight5 månader sedan
    • @Bumble Yeah gay police because ur gay

      Nameless2000Nameless20005 månader sedan
  • Anomaly: Mention friends Stun/Rapacen: Our slavery ended

    Scorpion JimmyScorpion Jimmy14 timmar sedan
  • How bout raad

    재용재용Dag sedan
  • What friends

    Alexander RubinAlexander Rubin7 dagar sedan
  • No obi, eyez or stun :(

    Täysin Turha TapausTäysin Turha Tapaus8 dagar sedan
  • Rapacen? :-(

    trash reaygantrash reaygan12 dagar sedan
  • Instantly looked to see if this was posted on april 1st.

    ArtonplusArtonplus19 dagar sedan
  • You forgot streetman

    Shrek 46Shrek 4619 dagar sedan
  • 7:32 wholesome 100

    PerkonsPerkons22 dagar sedan
  • What about Rapaccen ??

    Dr. KostakiousDr. KostakiousMånad sedan
  • yall know everything about eyez and stun and obi but i still want to know what happened to dolan.

    Nándor KolencsikNándor KolencsikMånad sedan
  • Now I know why RapaceN wasn't included here.

    BlastDonutBlastDonutMånad sedan
  • I still want to know how you met raad, Street man, rapacen, obi and stun 😳

    chloe burbankchloe burbankMånad sedan
  • What about stun? Obie? Eyez i mean they are the best we miss them

    Melhem Al ZammarMelhem Al ZammarMånad sedan
  • What about Stun?

    BreezilyerBreezilyer2 månader sedan
  • What happend to stun?

    Matte is cuteMatte is cute2 månader sedan
  • Jeg troede ikke at du havde venner$$

    göma simon robloxgöma simon roblox2 månader sedan
  • raad be like

    Max The HippoMax The Hippo2 månader sedan
  • met them at the foster house

    DimpeyDimpey2 månader sedan
  • 1:07 47 years ago

    YakyYaky2 månader sedan
  • But how did u met Raad?

    Ardit DaciArdit Daci2 månader sedan
  • sad Rapacen noises

    Balázs SerfőzőBalázs Serfőző2 månader sedan
  • Shudve said a lore bout stun and raad too tsk

    C JC J2 månader sedan
  • Where he Linda thou.

    Boon HaoBoon Hao2 månader sedan
  • What about Rapacen?

    aura avilaaura avila2 månader sedan
  • RapaceN

    EXPECXTEXPECXT2 månader sedan
  • weres jack stut

    BasicGuy123BasicGuy1232 månader sedan
  • What about Stun, Macke and Obee? Did you killed them because they reported you for kidnapping?

    Pedro VictorinoPedro Victorino2 månader sedan
  • Lol F1 after Haix? Who woulda known

    Moe ChanMoe Chan3 månader sedan
  • und RapaceN?

    Filip ŠírFilip Šír3 månader sedan
  • I want to be friends with u and papa can i be ur friend reply plsss :D

    Deigo ClairDeigo Clair3 månader sedan
  • Rapacen left the chat

    Cossta.Cossta.3 månader sedan
  • what is with raad :(

    tyskieleontyskieleon3 månader sedan
  • Please everyone like this: Make another episode where you talk about Stun And the others, we want to hear what happened... Damn i miss 2017 lan.. I miss Stun.

    TheMechanicTheMechanic3 månader sedan
    • They (Jack (Stun), Lukas (Eyez), and Viktor (F1)) had disagreement with Ludde. Viktor is back, Jack is probably busy with his life, and I'm not sure about Lukas

      Furunama フルナマFurunama フルナマMånad sedan
  • Bring back Rapacen

    Yes ItsrasyaYes Itsrasya3 månader sedan
  • I really wanted to know about raad

    RayaexRayaex3 månader sedan
  • What about Raad

    Mystiske MaltheMystiske Malthe3 månader sedan
  • I’ll donate you a knife for you to add me 😂😂

    SolarPsychoSolarPsycho3 månader sedan
  • forgot rapacen

    william törpmanwilliam törpman3 månader sedan
  • what abt obi n stun(jack)?

    Kris VaughanKris Vaughan3 månader sedan
  • Next Video: *how much I pay my "friends" to pretend with me.

    ShikanShikan3 månader sedan
  • what about stun?

    VibeiscuteVibeiscute4 månader sedan
  • Friends?

    johny1234loljohny1234lol4 månader sedan
  • That's all lies

    Ogrzegorz SanOgrzegorz San4 månader sedan
  • how about linda

    MeovyleMeovyle4 månader sedan
  • R.I.P Rapacen

    Jesse StoreyJesse Storey4 månader sedan
  • Can we be friends if i give you my usp-s cyrex?

    PIXELBOYPIXELBOY4 månader sedan
  • why weren't there stories about obi and raad :(

    MK cinemaMK cinema4 månader sedan
    • They got into business disagreements over the trading site. Apparently obi, stun, eyez and anomaly were business partners and it got ugly.

      Neil :}Neil :}3 månader sedan
  • Papanomaly pls help your autistic son, I think he has been having severe hallucinations and have been imagining having friends. I am seriously concerned about the man child’s mental well being.

    Noel HalvordsonNoel Halvordson4 månader sedan
  • ”Friends”

    ThatGuyThatGuy4 månader sedan
  • what about RADD

    Noureddine dNoureddine d4 månader sedan
  • What about Linda?🤔

    Sondre GamlemshaugSondre Gamlemshaug4 månader sedan
  • what about rapasan

    بْصَّحْ !بْصَّحْ !4 månader sedan
  • does anyone here more than 25 years old and dont have friends

    A_2gl8A_2gl84 månader sedan
  • What happened to the arabicdude and the British

    Wider FlicksWider Flicks4 månader sedan
  • he aint gonnah mention streetman editing the video right now

    HassanHassan4 månader sedan
  • How did you meet papa?

    Kamolels KalikamisKamolels Kalikamis4 månader sedan
  • I think some1 should tell him

    JereJere4 månader sedan
  • that intro is the most retarded thing i've seen

    boennekisn makkaboennekisn makka5 månader sedan
  • What about Streetman your editor

    ecell opecell op5 månader sedan
  • What about Stun and Raed

    taffy loltaffy lol5 månader sedan
  • stun was my favorite, sad to see them party ways 2017 lan vlogs were the best vids

    smehsmeh5 månader sedan
  • Alternate title: How Anomaly met Papanomaly

    DavidushDavidush5 månader sedan
  • He forgot rapasen

    TukuzuTukuzu5 månader sedan
  • Stun and Obi?

    Felix SjöborgFelix Sjöborg5 månader sedan
  • Ain’t you freinds with obi anymore?

    Ultimate LokeUltimate Loke5 månader sedan
  • RIP Stun, raad, rapacen, streetman 😞

    HacklinHacklin5 månader sedan
  • nice clickbait

    kokomkokom5 månader sedan
  • Street man 🦲

    Christopher HerreraChristopher Herrera5 månader sedan
  • What happened to Stun?

    RumbleRumble5 månader sedan
  • i think you miss a teeth

    CARLCARL5 månader sedan
  • Do part 2 pls

    DageTimeDageTime5 månader sedan
  • I want to be friend with anomaly

    Din96xDin96x5 månader sedan
  • What Friends?

    itsyeboidannyitsyeboidanny5 månader sedan
  • you have friends for money

    Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker5 månader sedan
  • is your papa satan?

    NeckeZNeckeZ5 månader sedan
  • ha ha bet papanomly feel little old when i say my dad 3 years older then him ha ha

    Peter PeperoniPeter Peperoni5 månader sedan
  • Streetman??

    Wallie2kWallie2k5 månader sedan
  • What friends?

    SwiftY-KDSwiftY-KD5 månader sedan
  • You have them?!?!...

    Bonox GamerBonox Gamer5 månader sedan
  • April fools

    HAHAN'tHAHAN't5 månader sedan
  • We want more stories like this!

    MrKhan0709MrKhan07095 månader sedan
  • streetman? rapacean?

    mrgunshotmrgunshot5 månader sedan
  • Seems like you need a part 2

    Walter's CanisterWalter's Canister5 månader sedan
  • sanja.full

    Nate FoxallNate Foxall5 månader sedan
  • Hey you Fat , what about Raad

  • Rapacen :(

    TelegacyTelegacy5 månader sedan
  • I had a dream that papanomaly was a pro skater and now I can't forget it

    Declan ColvinDeclan Colvin5 månader sedan
  • What‘s with Linda? Is she now girlfriend or sister or both?

    SkelSkel5 månader sedan
  • so i give u ak safari mesh and we be friends right??

    Edwin KnutssonEdwin Knutsson5 månader sedan
  • You dont have to try to tell us, we all know you've kidmapped them

    Daft PunkDaft Punk5 månader sedan
  • Alt title: Anomaly forgot to take his Schizophrenia pills

    YangyThangyYangyThangy5 månader sedan
    • Nice profile pic

      Rafał JaworskiRafał Jaworski2 månader sedan
  • where is rapacen?

    haki666haki6665 månader sedan
  • Haix after watching this video: CYKA BLYAT *pum pum pum*: xD

    Germo PardanenGermo Pardanen5 månader sedan
  • And rapacen?

    spookyspooky5 månader sedan
  • not 5 seconds into the video and im already laughing im such autist

    RazorRazor5 månader sedan
  • “Friends”

    OlliewinksOlliewinks5 månader sedan
  • waiting for it to say "April fools i don't have friends"

    SteamerSteamer5 månader sedan
  • I was actually about to go to sleep and I accidentally clicked your video, and right after that I hear an EaR Raping scrim in my ear. So I kindly ask you not to screem that loud mr. Anomaly because I nearly woke up my neighbours. Probably gonna post that like in all of ur videos so u see it. I hope you do. Cos if not my eardrums will probably explode

    Aviv BortnikAviv Bortnik5 månader sedan
  • I readed how I met my parents.

    c0ldarkc0ldark5 månader sedan