Viking blood flows in our veins, time to plunder B-)
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Ladda ner



  • y'all hating, bro just want his bread?

    BruvBruv10 timmar sedan
  • Ay im not even mad anomaly is making mad bank. Gotta respect the grind

    WythnWythnDag sedan
  • We really miss old you and i mean this for the best. We don't need a lot of sponsored stuff please

    Arya SatyaArya Satya3 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 Isn't a women also a marksman? isn't that a neutral term? Like manpower for example. Pretty sure some feminist didn't understand the meaning of a word again and said there needs to be a women version just to make problems where there were none

    DgischDgisch3 dagar sedan
  • There videos suck anomaly

    PaperManPaperMan6 dagar sedan
  • Yall are so fuckin childish , anomaly dosent shit money he has to earn something and spraying beer in papas face ist that much of a profit considering how yt demonetizes anything mildly edgy

    OuterSpaceOuterSpace6 dagar sedan
  • My Adblock won't let me watch this video

    Envy HQEnvy HQ6 dagar sedan

    HookshotHookshot6 dagar sedan
  • old anomaly was fun

    MADCSMADCS7 dagar sedan
  • Seems like Travian clone

    MuzafferMuzaffer8 dagar sedan
  • jesus these comments just watch and enjoy for fucks sake

    JtcksJtcks9 dagar sedan
    • @Valeries youre right

      JtcksJtcks7 dagar sedan
    • bad video

      ValeriesValeries7 dagar sedan
  • This games devs literally used to steal footage from other games for their ads. They don’t anymore, but their ads are so shit they should be a crime in their own

    FuckwadFuckwad9 dagar sedan
  • We miss the old fat anomaly and papanomaly!❤️

    Ralf Weismann AndersenRalf Weismann Andersen9 dagar sedan
  • is this your new "favorite game"? Stop with this shitty videos, people are just gonna unsub. If the next video is a sponsored video or csgo im unsubbing. I came here for you and papa's content, not to watch cs. If i wanted to watch it i would go watch your other channel's videos.. Sad to see this happening..

    ׁׁ9 dagar sedan
    • It was csgo lmao

      baikoliobaikolio4 dagar sedan
  • I just watched a 10 and 22 second add.

    RedRed10 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god...

    K R I S SK R I S S10 dagar sedan
  • Hes not a sellout hes taking money to make opening cases and etc.. so chill guys

    EtsyEtsy10 dagar sedan
    • @Etsy they're are? are you dumb? they're mostly sponsorized by bitskins, skinport and more buy & sell websites, please get your infos straight before saying someone isn't right

      ValeriesValeries6 dagar sedan
    • @Valeries They are not you are dumb lmao

      EtsyEtsy6 dagar sedan
    • @Etsy wym? case openings are already sponsorized.

      ValeriesValeries6 dagar sedan
    • @Valeries still hes smart and earning money and he wont spend his own money he would rather spend sponosr money on cases then his money

      EtsyEtsy6 dagar sedan
    • @Etsy dude, he literally has a 150k+ inventory on a PIXEL GAME, just check his annual income

      ValeriesValeries6 dagar sedan
  • I got an add of rise of kingdoms from you guys

    Lucca BalenLucca Balen11 dagar sedan
  • I have been seeing this game's ads

    Enrico CaritosEnrico Caritos11 dagar sedan
  • So this man has a sponsor, can afford his friends a CAR, CAN AFFORD A 330K WORTH OF ITEMS IN A GAME but not a new phone

    LeoCyLeoCy11 dagar sedan
  • Привет из России.Спасибо за видео.

    Cyder PunkCyder Punk11 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    JarxayJarxay11 dagar sedan
  • This games is actually very good

    deadpool_ikilldeadpool_ikill12 dagar sedan
    • ironic?

      ValeriesValeries12 dagar sedan
  • The names bjorn ironside and ragnar lodbrok i know from the netflix series vikings and they dont look like them at all xddd

    De BeunhazenDe Beunhazen12 dagar sedan
    • both björn and ragnar are REAL people who lived during the vikings time. They are not from the series on netflix

      InUteroInUtero10 dagar sedan
  • There is only 14k subs left 2 one milion sibs

    wickvingwickving12 dagar sedan
  • bruh another sponsored shit game i miss old funny videos like beer pong or energy drink test with papa

    Radosław PiotrowskiRadosław Piotrowski12 dagar sedan
  • I just saw a rise of kingdom ad with u in it

    Tiffany KellyTiffany Kelly12 dagar sedan
  • Just saw an ad from this video about the game and they sound so annoying in it. Papa just reading from a script about archer towers and shit... what a fucking shame.

    Christian DiPaolaChristian DiPaola12 dagar sedan
  • I want Christer to paint more CS skins IRL

    KubeMan17KubeMan1713 dagar sedan
  • shit game

    Coffee BeerCoffee Beer13 dagar sedan
  • You are in a ad now

    imaginedanielxyzimaginedanielxyz13 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly : Look at that simbol it's a whole fucking upside down T *Angry Þórr noises*

    Mythical GamingMythical Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • Where did the old anomaly went ? The one who just loved to to Videos, have fun with his dad and community? I cant remember him being someone so greedy for money, that he overthrew his own principles. Kinda makes me sad when I think about the Times I fucking nearly died while watching his Videos together with papa

    German K.German K.13 dagar sedan
  • *Alternate title: Selling soul to a f*cking mobile game. Are you the same person who said, 'I hate mobile games'??

    RaavnRaavn13 dagar sedan
  • im so glad that these LEGENDS haven't changed in a fucking good way whatever happened. A flood a pandemic whatever they will be the same funny ass guys and they cheer me up always. The best from Bosnia❤️

    mulyycmulyyc13 dagar sedan
  • End is near ffs

    MrMaltheMrMalthe13 dagar sedan
  • before i watched this... I got a fucking ad with them playing this fucking garbage mobile game

    OpdogOpdog13 dagar sedan
  • Has any one seen the ad yet

    WickedWater TvWickedWater Tv13 dagar sedan
  • POV: you searched up anomaly because you saw the anomaly rise of kingdom ad ☠️☠️

    RiggedRigged13 dagar sedan
  • Noooo they got you

    KadencabsKadencabs13 dagar sedan
  • You know what would be funny torturing papa with going sober for one day

    Hayden MorrissHayden Morriss13 dagar sedan
  • Maybe hes being sellout for a big case opening

    Mr.ToniBossMr.ToniBoss14 dagar sedan
  • The other full sponsored vids like enlisted or crossout are atleast somewhat interesting...because those are actually games. But this is hideous, down right the worst anomaly video out there. Id rather watch them play with mentos and cola again...

    A. B.A. B.14 dagar sedan
  • what happend, ur content is shit now, this sponsor games are boring. sry 2 say...

    Theo BoströmTheo Boström14 dagar sedan
  • anyone knows if this "mumu app player" is safe?? and if it is can someone send me the link?

    HyqniicHyqniic14 dagar sedan
  • Sellout

    McFlyMcFly14 dagar sedan
  • Hey Anomaly and Papanomaly. Please stop with sponsored videos because I bet it’s hurting your channel a lot in terms of views and subscribers. I myself watch this because you two and not the gameplay. Sponsors are fine in the beginning of videos, but whole videos about them does not work well… as you can see on the like and dislike ratio. Love you two, but sponsored videos are a bit overwhelming

    MönkeyMönkey14 dagar sedan
  • And yet another sponsored video

    SajterSajter14 dagar sedan
  • You better make an apology video anomaly😤

    Esmar JustinussenEsmar Justinussen14 dagar sedan
  • vad säger man till en ledsen vegan... soya soya ingefära

    GVOR FILMSGVOR FILMS14 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly, give us please Anomaly Jr.

    Mooly -_-Mooly -_-14 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly when you gonna have a new phone poor guy ;( and you install all csgo games

    Coca-Cola kidCoca-Cola kid14 dagar sedan
  • I prefer Civilizations VI instead of this X D

    mAastymAasty14 dagar sedan
  • its good but pay or loss..

    mAastymAasty14 dagar sedan
  • The most disliked video in recent time , Anomaly draw conclusions bro

    UntitledUntitled14 dagar sedan
  • Hey Fatman, this video was shit.. you owe me a beer for watching this!

    Suicide PsycoSuicide Psyco14 dagar sedan
  • Cringe sell out

    DATDAT14 dagar sedan
  • literally every video is the same video but with a different game edit: with a different sponsor*

    Gatto_neroGatto_nero14 dagar sedan
  • Why i expected some content lol

    Ádám TujderÁdám Tujder14 dagar sedan
  • Sorry , I unsubbed

    Exodium GuyExodium Guy14 dagar sedan
  • Now that you have even more money thanks to sponsorship, can you finally visit the piece of land Lord Papanomaly owns?

    ArrenderArrender15 dagar sedan
  • The only 2 reasons i can find to all this sponsored shit is: either he lost his savings to bitcoin, or he is being deported from Malta and needs to buy a new house.

    Dima NedveckiDima Nedvecki15 dagar sedan
  • That's a lot of dislikes

    Nick LudovicoNick Ludovico15 dagar sedan
  • This isn’t raid shadow legends

    JunkJunk15 dagar sedan
  • next video gonna be shadow legends sponsored for sure... sellout fatty.

    PersekasvainPersekasvain15 dagar sedan
  • trash fat

    Konsky KokotKonsky Kokot15 dagar sedan
  • drink

    s_deat3s_deat315 dagar sedan
  • get papa to drink the worlds most alcohol %

    s_deat3s_deat315 dagar sedan
  • I want "try not to laugh" 😂😂i pissed myself after seeing some old videos🤣

    awake 036awake 03615 dagar sedan
  • Very shit videos becouse of the sponsors...CHANNEL QUALITY IS GOING VERY LOW

    Cérnás FikliCérnás Fikli15 dagar sedan
  • Watchu know about rolling down in the deep?

    Stud muffinStud muffin15 dagar sedan
  • Please dont do this shit again

    Sven EngelsSven Engels15 dagar sedan
  • 0:44 achievement complete capitalism

    Artic FoxArtic Fox15 dagar sedan
  • I was excited since I thought he would be playing Valheim with Papa but.... Yike

    Pawel BartusiakPawel Bartusiak15 dagar sedan
  • who the fuck is playing this sheat

    mr skeletonmr skeleton15 dagar sedan
  • he make sponsor video because he needs the money for gambling addiction and happy meals

    MJ4WMJ4W15 dagar sedan
  • This channel is quickly turning to sponsored mobile app shit.

    DankburgersDankburgers15 dagar sedan
  • I only hit the like button on these types of vids to support my boy but I can't really watch them cause they're just so uninteresting and bland. Who in their right mind would actually play trash phone games, and take them seriously?

    starwolffan13starwolffan1315 dagar sedan
  • i miss the beer videos man dont do ad videos

    ozyozy54ozyozy5415 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P Anomaly's channel

    Alexey SnovalnikovAlexey Snovalnikov15 dagar sedan
  • I love anomaly’s videos and always will but there’s a kinda of a irony because anomaly’s did rant mobile games. And I understand he needs the money but still it’s kinda ironic.

    Tom NookTom Nook15 dagar sedan
  • An alcoholic man plays alcoholic game

    ShoetonicShoetonic15 dagar sedan
  • how tf did he do this on pc

    nathan pearmannathan pearman15 dagar sedan
  • Looking at this channel this is just to pay the bills. I do not really enjoy watching the recycled content but thats because of covid i guess

    Zanen JustinZanen Justin15 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly having a stroke (Funniest Moments) at : 1:44 2:27 3:44 4:51 6:30 6:36

    itsCostasitsCostas15 dagar sedan
  • Legit 10 seconds into the video Papanomaly: *drowns*

    Masimo DamocMasimo Damoc15 dagar sedan
  • gotta pay the bills somehow lol

    ToxicLikeToxicLike15 dagar sedan
  • Please make make more videos like cooking or wierd food combinations...

    cickolencickolen15 dagar sedan
  • 6:18 cringe

    MatlevMatlev15 dagar sedan
  • no one likes this content homie.

    JopatsuJopatsu15 dagar sedan
  • Remember when they made a video about unpopular opinions and anomaly expressed a lot of hate on mobile games? Weird.

    SyrinnSyrinn15 dagar sedan
  • When you see that fat PewdiePie uploaded a video with "viking" in the title and you already know that it's this one mobile game that does nearly as much ads as Raid fucking Shadow Legends.

    YungDoze071YungDoze07115 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly feeding his gambling addiction with sellout. Cringe

    Eldkraft GamingHDEldkraft GamingHD15 dagar sedan
  • This sucks

    Eldkraft GamingHDEldkraft GamingHD15 dagar sedan
  • You can’t make this a fun video if you can’t talk shit about it

    ElonTheMemeMan 2020ElonTheMemeMan 202015 dagar sedan
  • I want to go back to the good ol’ beer pool and kräftskiva days...

    SGT_DucklingSGT_Duckling15 dagar sedan
  • The swedish viking is actually talking Norwegian :(

    zBonnzozBonnzo15 dagar sedan
  • cringe.

    LozyyyLozyyy15 dagar sedan
  • Sponsored vids dont bother me, but cover something thats good like a FPS game not some shitty clash of clans game

    LonickLonick15 dagar sedan
    • Right? Like if Anomaly play Enlisted, its okay cuz that is actually a decent game than this shitty ass mobile game

      😐😐15 dagar sedan
  • Must be desperate

    ShiBooShiBoo15 dagar sedan