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  • Lina is the female Sodapoppin 7:13

    thooo kerrthooo kerrDag sedan
  • pov: u laught because u are french

  • The "people are starving, dont be a bitch" part got me good lmao

    ThinkMelonsThinkMelonsDag sedan
  • 1 piss

    DariusGamerulytDariusGamerulytDag sedan
  • Try Brunost

    ThEmilThEmilDag sedan
  • Why the fuck is Papa wearing a pentagram shirt and an upside down cross necklace???

    ToastyMannToastyMann3 dagar sedan
  • Face reveal? xD

    ДушанДушан4 dagar sedan
  • hes gonna fart like a rocket next video

    King H H HKing H H H4 dagar sedan
  • I need to buy this, where do I buy this

    syn murarzasyn murarza8 dagar sedan
  • more vids with Linda! plus legit reactions

    Christopher Zamora RojasChristopher Zamora Rojas9 dagar sedan
  • The reason why French people always drink red wine while eating french cheese is that drinking wine can minimize the effect of the smell of the cheese.

    L SL S9 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly saying him to a cheese(and to other food(s) in the video)... (FBI OPEN UP!)

    m gergo22m gergo2210 dagar sedan
  • If France sends you cheese, Sweden sends France "SURSTROMMING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    L SL S10 dagar sedan
  • Yes the most popular cheese "moo monster"

    BastywxcBastywxc11 dagar sedan
  • 8:50 that sounds like my wireless vacuum cleaner when its starting

    Eddie WinquistEddie Winquist12 dagar sedan
  • Handkäse from germany is so ugly😂

    MarcMarc15 dagar sedan
  • As a french person I was angry at first because french cheeses are delicious and the rest of the video told me that I was right

    SekiganSekigan15 dagar sedan
  • Where he went like a siren it killed me🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Local car EntusiastLocal car Entusiast17 dagar sedan
  • 12:42 Linda: *almost pukes* Anomaly: People are starving Linda don't be a bitch. Linda: *pukes* 10/10 Relationship

    mistirionmistirion18 dagar sedan
  • now i know why anomalys apartment is so dirty, he just throws shit

    Wilbert GarciaWilbert Garcia18 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly: *slaps cheese* "this is a very cheese"

    Adam GawrysAdam Gawrys19 dagar sedan
  • 3:29 girls when i arrive to class

    wszyscy, everyonewszyscy, everyone19 dagar sedan
  • 14:18 Funniest shit I`ve ever seen

    JaWatDenn JongeJaWatDenn Jonge20 dagar sedan
  • The rock is best with bread and butter in Czech we eat it like this but i eat it as it is cuz im retarded

    MŇAM XDMŇAM XD20 dagar sedan
  • Linda is used to eating smelly cheese amiright ;]

    matildEmatildE21 dag sedan
  • yeah our rocks are delicious

    Filip ŠírFilip Šír21 dag sedan
  • Oh cheesus!

    Bread VideosBread Videos21 dag sedan
  • Roquefort is fucking delicious

    ItzPezusItzPezus23 dagar sedan
  • 3:07

    Christian DiPaolaChristian DiPaola24 dagar sedan
  • "This boy is a very cheese, you can see, its round" 5:00

    Gustav WikstrandGustav Wikstrand25 dagar sedan
    • 5:50

      Gustav WikstrandGustav Wikstrand25 dagar sedan
    • 5:50

      Gustav WikstrandGustav Wikstrand25 dagar sedan
    • 5:50

      Gustav WikstrandGustav Wikstrand25 dagar sedan
  • This channel started with autistic cs go content, now its cringe and autistic but witouth cs go

    Silvans UzSilvans Uz26 dagar sedan
  • 7:19 oh jeasus

    Quy3tQuy3t26 dagar sedan
  • 4:52 thank me later

    Steven WagnerSteven Wagner29 dagar sedan
  • Poor linda

    Se TtSe TtMånad sedan
  • “Its from Normandy so it probably has half the German army in there” You got me in tears homie 😂🤣😂🤣

    1Jay 2Ceez1Jay 2CeezMånad sedan
  • you can make so many pfps from this video xD

    D3D3Månad sedan
  • No linda in video ok

    Little aduuLittle aduuMånad sedan
  • as a French I can confirm to agree to disagree with them being the worst cheeses. I also eat moldy bread, it adds flavour to it.

    VanieljeVanieljeMånad sedan
  • French people ate so much mold they had to build the catacombs, of course the mouldy ones aren't gonna be good and likely send you to the hospital

    JephJephMånad sedan
  • I like you guys just pan to Linda cowering in fear behind the chair. That made me laugh

    VannoVannoMånad sedan
  • 3:27 Anomaly: I think you eat the Şkin

    Cıbıl ZombiCıbıl ZombiMånad sedan
  • ur mom

    Sam_ _RblxSam_ _RblxMånad sedan
  • I’m french so every thing is all right for me lol

    Shadi LyamouriShadi LyamouriMånad sedan
  • 6:46 Close your eyes, and use your imagination

    Zodiac StudiosZodiac StudiosMånad sedan
  • In all honesty, as a French person who lives near Münster, the cheese itself isn't even that bad, in fact it's perfect to eat melted with pork or with potatoes.

    ReiaReiaMånad sedan
  • me: *walks into an abandon house* ghost: 3:06

    SensukaSensukaMånad sedan
  • Try Latvian cheese. These boy stinks and have a really bitter taste. Like eating an old ass stinky sock

    RaMZes9722RaMZes9722Månad sedan
  • Apparently Anomaly works as a Jewish doctor on the side

    A random GuyA random GuyMånad sedan
  • He found the list on the onion

    doosdoosMånad sedan
  • 6:34 MHEHEM

    PhonerPhonerMånad sedan
  • I actully love a cheese.

    DEW DOOTDEW DOOTMånad sedan
  • 8:42 the wierd kid when someone gives him a package

    YuGoRaiLoYuGoRaiLoMånad sedan
  • In Estonia we love mold cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Reno EskorReno EskorMånad sedan
  • Blue cheese is my favorite cheese...

    IkxIkxMånad sedan
  • Lol the "H" from word "Homo" is down oof

    HappyCookies_YTHappyCookies_YTMånad sedan
  • How About the maggot cheese

    Nega nNega nMånad sedan
  • Btw who is linda

    Justifeel HajongJustifeel HajongMånad sedan
    • @ItzCookie he is ont gay?

      vin melvin mel28 dagar sedan
    • His gf

      ItzCookieItzCookieMånad sedan
  • I still don‘t get it, is linda his sister or his girlfriend 😂

    OneWayOneWayMånad sedan
  • Choďte do pekla V Čechách bude spoplatnené vysoké školstvo, zdravotníctvo, že sa to dá. V prípade, že sa to dá.

    Martin BožikMartin BožikMånad sedan
  • can someone who lives in czech republic please send edible rocks to his fan mail?

    Saba GloveliSaba GloveliMånad sedan
  • when your sister gags on chesse

    Johannes HagertJohannes HagertMånad sedan
  • Oh my god if I would be there you wouldn‘t have Roquefort left because it‘s my favorite cheese. The bad thing about it you have to seal it air tight otherwise the whole kitchen smells like the cheese because it‘s so strong.

    Swiss_PrinceSwiss_PrinceMånad sedan
  • Omo 😂

    CiwotCiwotMånad sedan
  • linda: *literally choking on food and 2 seconds before dying* anomaly: she likes it

    honkerflyer. pdfhonkerflyer. pdfMånad sedan
  • i think i just lost my hearing

    Max JakobssonMax JakobssonMånad sedan
  • As a french I love hearing international people spelling french words. This is f u n

    Kagoul Man is me!Kagoul Man is me!Månad sedan
  • "this bad boy is a very cheese"- anerhmali 2k21

    TheGamingPieGuy 2TheGamingPieGuy 22 månader sedan
  • as a Czech person i would like to see some Tvarůžky in there :((

    Jan SpáčilJan Spáčil2 månader sedan
  • Cheese expert :D

    GrongoGrongo2 månader sedan
  • U never get tired of his vid's lets be honest

    ImRandomGuyImRandomGuy2 månader sedan
  • your sis kinda bad tho

    quintequinte2 månader sedan
  • Cheeeeeeeeshhhhhh ✋👈

    Jeff ReactJeff React2 månader sedan
  • Cheesus Christ

    RoboyGamingRoboyGaming2 månader sedan

    Ben CoBen Co2 månader sedan
  • Bro I literally eat the french ones atleast once in a month im fucking FUMIIING Also lol he pronounces half of them so bad I couldn't even tell what he wa saying.

    ZeldovZeldov2 månader sedan
  • The bleu is also very discusting. It's rotten cheese.

    Houa HouaHoua Houa2 månader sedan
  • 8:50 police car behind me after i commit crime

    themrqueekthemrqueek2 månader sedan
  • I like how he is saying "he" to the cheese...hello there Mr. Cheese!!

    Casper12Casper122 månader sedan
  • Papa everytime Yeah Okay Yes

    Bacon_ELLITE AnimationsBacon_ELLITE Animations2 månader sedan
  • Papa 90% of the video: yea, yes

    themrqueekthemrqueek2 månader sedan
  • Where is casu marzu?

    dedsec 219dedsec 2192 månader sedan
  • All that farting and not one cutting the cheese joke. But damn he shit his pants

    TrevclingmanTrevclingman2 månader sedan
  • 13:36 had me dying

    Santy KindratSanty Kindrat2 månader sedan
  • Yo did you farted right at Lindas face at 6:58? bruh. im dying

    DukeTDukeT2 månader sedan
  • 9:20 u sound like the guy eating hot wings

    Lil PumpStoneLil PumpStone2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly: Next time were gonna try Rocks from Czech Republic Me: wait iam from Czech

    MadLadShowMadLadShow2 månader sedan
  • You forgot to buy the popular Norwegian Brown Cheese

    MrZickernMrZickern2 månader sedan
  • Boi

    HerdKiHerdKi2 månader sedan
  • Cammembert is not that bad tbh, at least with bread

    twat2021twat20212 månader sedan
  • idk why but, linda is the female version of hace

    Liquify DelrayneLiquify Delrayne2 månader sedan
  • idk but linda is looks cute :D i want to meet her owo

    MoonYTMoonYT2 månader sedan
  • Je mange du fromage

    oTieloTiel2 månader sedan

    Angus James Scott-ManningAngus James Scott-Manning2 månader sedan
    • it just smells kinda funny

      Angus James Scott-ManningAngus James Scott-Manning2 månader sedan
  • Linda = Karen no cap

    ClutchingKidClutchingKid2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly morbier in the microwave is the best (totally not a trap

    skapda chadskapda chad2 månader sedan
  • anomaly's glasses get cloudy because how many calories hes burning and how much hes breathing chewing cheese

    Chad BroskiChad Broski2 månader sedan
  • Why do i get fucking beer advertisements at every video xddd

    De BeunhazenDe Beunhazen2 månader sedan
  • I hope he brushed his teeth after this

    Omumi-オムミOmumi-オムミ2 månader sedan
  • In finland we call that homejuusto that molded cheese very good

    cide boyzcide boyz2 månader sedan
  • every bite : foggy glasses

    Nemowasfound 0005Nemowasfound 00052 månader sedan