Hans und Fritz go to combat yet again.
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  • papa looks like a god

    Akako 侍Akako 侍4 dagar sedan
  • 6:27 why is that so funny to me

    Filip WilandFilip Wiland11 dagar sedan
  • "Baby's first tank game"

    hoomanwithsausehoomanwithsause26 dagar sedan
  • Papa is like that mcq which only has yes and no

    Aryan GaikwadAryan Gaikwad27 dagar sedan
  • 11:34 Oof that actually looked pretty painful, I hope Papa was alright.

    Reuben HollandReuben HollandMånad sedan
  • You should speedrun tinder

    Crack AttackCrack AttackMånad sedan
  • Sabaton tank

    Strike manStrike manMånad sedan
  • Your editor is a fucking legend

    Alastair StimpsonAlastair StimpsonMånad sedan
  • Wait what the f**k 3:18 when its small you get better aim

    cyber shortscyber shortsMånad sedan
  • Fun fact the word anomaly on my country ανωμαλος means a wierdo

    OrestisOrestisMånad sedan
  • give Papanomaly a staff and a hat and now he's a wizard

    christian palseschristian palsesMånad sedan
  • Papa is like usual WoT player in CIS. Doesn't know what's happening and drink beer

    AlienHZAlienHZMånad sedan
  • Papa looks like a leprechaun !!!!

    Mert KorucuMert KorucuMånad sedan
  • I swear they have not changed one bit since they started SEslow

    Hugo MarkerudHugo MarkerudMånad sedan
  • Yes

    GhostinngGhostinngMånad sedan
  • This game makes War Thunder arcade mode look like real life

    Toaster CoasterToaster CoasterMånad sedan
  • Some germans: Du kennst World of Tanks noch nicht? Du verschwendest dein Leben!

    2Saintz2SaintzMånad sedan
  • Just play war thunder lol...

    John W BoothJohn W BoothMånad sedan
  • Analmoly with every sponsor game: "i actually play this game a lot"

    【しらいしく】【しらいしく】Månad sedan
  • Why blur the beer now? We already know papa is an avid beer enjoyer

    Esteban AndresEsteban AndresMånad sedan
  • 11:11 who tf is this? 😂

    BanterBeastBanterBeastMånad sedan
  • Papa has flashbacks playing this game

    MaxTheChickenUwUMaxTheChickenUwUMånad sedan

    NoStressStefNoStressStefMånad sedan
  • I want Anomaly and Papanomaly to play Battlefield V (I know it costs too fucking much But it would be worth it)

    Robin ESJRobin ESJMånad sedan
  • for the love of god never play this game again, go play war thunder, im sure they would love to sponsor you

    VeniulemVeniulemMånad sedan
  • Views pretty weak on this video

    locket 0?locket 0?Månad sedan
  • Best intro of your whole career tbh. HURRRR HURRRR HURRRR YEAAAAAAAAAH

    WannaSmokeSprinkles?WannaSmokeSprinkles?Månad sedan
  • Ah yes, the 15-2 simulator game. I love this game

    aimFireaimFireMånad sedan
  • I thought this video was 2 years old, but when i clicked on it it says 1 day ago. xD

    Skeč TVSkeč TVMånad sedan
  • This fucking hurts to watch! I’ve played for 8 fucking years and never have i seen someone so bad xD

    Neo KarlssonNeo KarlssonMånad sedan
  • My mom saw me watching you xD and she said u are lil poor guy and she thought you are handicap x( ... Press F .

  • 2:16 that sound

    Bruce KiraBruce KiraMånad sedan
  • papanomaly looks like the drunk homeless version of santa claus

    alekbie2alekbie2Månad sedan
  • 4:54 I'm trying, Oooooooooo

    Filki05Filki05Månad sedan
  • Wor tondor better hum

    Zein7 _GamerZein7 _GamerMånad sedan
  • Yes

    keqet12keqet12Månad sedan
  • my first dislöjk and worst game :c sad

    williamwilliamMånad sedan
  • u should try war thunder :D 8-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D

    Milán NagyMilán NagyMånad sedan
  • why is the beer blurred?

    Milán NagyMilán NagyMånad sedan
  • jag är tillbaks, din lokala granne

    GL2 SweGL2 SweMånad sedan
  • at it again you sellout i see XD

    Kevin KohlhuberKevin KohlhuberMånad sedan
  • Finally papanomaly stands up against anomalys abuse

    새별비새별비Månad sedan
  • Papa: Yeah?

    SugarTheCubeSugarTheCubeMånad sedan
  • "It's a funny game" Yes, war is very funny

    CEO Of VisayasCEO Of VisayasMånad sedan
  • Sometimes i click on the video, i feel like i have entered on a kindergarten.

    JΛNSKUJΛNSKUMånad sedan
  • Thats not how you play dumdum and that is also with a Community contributor account 😱

    CommanderRedCommanderRedMånad sedan
  • anomaly not the same anymore

    ErkanErkanMånad sedan
  • Papa loses hair gains hair in days i think what does papa use ah

    Cyber_so2Cyber_so2Månad sedan
  • Any actual WoT players are probably having a breakdown right now from seeing this gameplay. He isn't even aiming at weak spots and instead is hitting the hardest spots.

    ZombieZombieMånad sedan
  • A yes. Who doesnt remember the famous german tank "piss eye eye eye eee" 😂

    Kim JohanssonKim JohanssonMånad sedan
  • Wot players rn: pain

    es ketites ketitMånad sedan
  • 250k Gold???

    Raphtalia OylRaphtalia OylMånad sedan
  • Anomaly and Life of Boris should play a match together

    Bats Is A TimelordBats Is A TimelordMånad sedan
  • Panzerwagen Zwei G? No no no, it’s PZIIG

    den savden savMånad sedan
  • Warthunder is way better that WoT... WoT is just stupid boring...

    JasonJasonMånad sedan
  • Saying the name of the Pz. III E in that way is gonna trigger some Hanses, Fritzes and quite probably Jason XD

    Dog ComradeDog ComradeMånad sedan
  • papa lose the round and anomaly refule him for next lose

    سپهر حسینیسپهر حسینیMånad sedan
  • Les goooo BLYAT DAVAI !

    IceBergIceBergMånad sedan
  • Lmao

    Dan PardenDan PardenMånad sedan
  • I like how the beer can is censored

    HermanHermanMånad sedan

    Muumin -HMuumin -HMånad sedan
  • Nice he grew a beard so fast.

    AnzoAnzAnzoAnzMånad sedan
  • I thought they were gonna play Enlisted.

    Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming ChannelGilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming ChannelMånad sedan
  • He is asking for help in the bord is written

    ayman hakamiayman hakamiMånad sedan
  • Papanomaly doing this in real life and virtual life

    KarolixKarolixMånad sedan
  • Nice tip....dont play above tier 6 if you dont know how to play :)

    Cataca_91Cataca_91Månad sedan
  • 😂❤👊

    Udith IsuruUdith IsuruMånad sedan
  • Why is the homeless man missing a tooth on the top left

    Gorje GironGorje GironMånad sedan
  • Anamaly demonstrates the exact issue with WoT

    Stuart DanceStuart DanceMånad sedan
  • 0:35 beer censored 3:14 beer uncensored

    ToxicLikeToxicLikeMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail is beautiful asf

    [ZenarT ][ZenarT ]Månad sedan
  • Ziggs left that chat

    Reckless GenesisReckless GenesisMånad sedan
  • So much pain to watch this as a semi pro Wot player :')

    LarsLarsMånad sedan
  • Next time they make a lord of the ring movie papa should try out for a part as a dwarf

    richard riedlerichard riedleMånad sedan
  • In Sweden we call this type of video a "Dumle".

    Christoffer KHChristoffer KHMånad sedan
  • 11:26 he defending himself with nothing

    RAJ2005RAJ2005Månad sedan
  • Soon this channel will turn into a sponsorship channel where he only rewiews trash games n stuff

    Dowahkin 18Dowahkin 18Månad sedan
  • when i saw how they fight i ask my self question how they took over england

    Cs GoCs GoMånad sedan
  • This Video is sponsored by hitler

    Silviu BlagaSilviu BlagaMånad sedan
  • They gave u 250k gold xDD ask 'em if they could send some gold to me

    WahaWahaMånad sedan
  • 'Zieg, you'a bitch' *literally hides behind Zieg*

    SkrautZe -SkrautZe -Månad sedan
  • 5:25 picks the Sabaton tank without knowing

    HeavensHeavensMånad sedan
    • Yeah

      Ian Joaquin HarderIan Joaquin HarderMånad sedan
  • love you gays

    PernosPernosMånad sedan
  • New merch? i see a cool hoodie

    SirSLPYSirSLPYMånad sedan
  • Do exist any other videos than sponsorships ?

    Jan KovařJan KovařMånad sedan
  • I love how papas beard changes every video !

  • Take a shot everytime anomaly says "papa", and when papa says "yes".

    Teo MaherTeo MaherMånad sedan
  • Anomaly, have you played Stalker Anomaly?

    Ovsjah SchweinefresserOvsjah SchweinefresserMånad sedan
  • I love horses 🐴❤

    Skr man Dababy gaySkr man Dababy gayMånad sedan
  • ¿qui?

    Avi_Vibes_♡Avi_Vibes_♡Månad sedan
  • Did anyone realize there is a hole on anomaly's pants when he farted to papa

    s1ip 8s1ip 8Månad sedan
  • SABATON!!!

    Elias KoivistoElias KoivistoMånad sedan

    LeonLeonMånad sedan
  • Love the sellout keep it up!

    Sixten EmanuelssonSixten EmanuelssonMånad sedan
  • Play World of Warships, would be so fun

    sTr1xsTr1xMånad sedan
  • Ayfkm.. you are debils.. for real

    Саня ЛисСаня ЛисMånad sedan
  • anomaly the players worse than a tomato xD

    robotti ruttunenrobotti ruttunenMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Papanomaly YES!

    Ye BoiYe BoiMånad sedan
  • What happend to streetman?

    seksi kjeknseksi kjeknMånad sedan
  • Gay

    BennyKingenBennyKingenMånad sedan