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    Anomaly & PapanomalyAnomaly & Papanomaly6 månader sedan
    • G-Fuel, Made in chernobyl.

      under a rockunder a rock2 månader sedan
    • there is a video in your gfuel sponsor

      Emil MelichEmil Melich5 månader sedan
    • dump all that gfuel on papa and you should snort some

      LytatroanLytatroan5 månader sedan
    • Anomaly did u mention Shalon

      HuilleHuille5 månader sedan
    • Gayfuel

      Crab TankCrab Tank6 månader sedan
  • Welcome to Anomaly, the only person who can make his video 1/5 a G Fuel ad...

    TittySlayer69TittySlayer694 dagar sedan
  • 5:08 jeSUS 0_0

    napalmedyourdadnapalmedyourdad9 dagar sedan
  • 9:48

    MortyMorty10 dagar sedan
  • 10:25 Anomaly do be speaking Hindi🌚

    Vishal NidoniVishal Nidoni12 dagar sedan
  • Nice video and usecode anomaly in the gfuel bois

    Sgt. SoapSgt. Soap15 dagar sedan
  • Actual video starts at 2:04

    PotatoWithPcPotatoWithPc17 dagar sedan
  • Hmmmyes

    Zsombor MihályZsombor Mihály18 dagar sedan
  • 5:06 hehe

    Alyssa Dela CruzAlyssa Dela CruzMånad sedan
  • If this channel reaches 1 million anomaly needs to drink beer as a celebration 😂

    AlextheawkwardguyAlextheawkwardguyMånad sedan
  • Me:6:40 you look like Sid from ice age Papanomaly 2 sec later: *input text above*

    Noah MassariNoah MassariMånad sedan
  • Nah mate i have cedevita:balkan gfuel

    NaumPz VelcevskiNaumPz VelcevskiMånad sedan
  • 9:49 i was waiting for this joke

    VudoVudoMånad sedan
  • Every smart person knows that if it says "Sugar Free" it means there is more sugar. And retards actaully believe in it

    ItzAlanPlayzItzAlanPlayzMånad sedan
  • 9:47

    X пээя XX пээя XMånad sedan
  • 8:09 Sure that its 63?

    N0V3MB3RN0V3MB3RMånad sedan
  • idk why u guys getting hate :/

    TraDerTraDerMånad sedan
  • 4:42

    Western bosnia mapping *Western bosnia mapping *Månad sedan
  • G fuel more like gay fuel

    Kingkiwi2Kingkiwi22 månader sedan
  • phat phak bish

    TemoshiTemoshi2 månader sedan
  • nobody: papanomaly: yes

    DarkkillerDarkkiller2 månader sedan
  • This video made me laugh so hard that i shit my pants

    Treyten’s biggest fanTreyten’s biggest fan2 månader sedan
  • Papa looks so adorable with the kfc bucket on his head

    JmacJmac2 månader sedan
  • i dont licke my life an i watching on dis vidio i kill my plant

    Gamplay dubluGamplay dublu2 månader sedan
  • Haha jokes on you, i have seen enough blurred hentai to see through the blur in the thumbnail

    gabo senpaigabo senpai2 månader sedan
  • That was my Reddit post about the pro team

    Xx CxXx Cx2 månader sedan
  • 9.10 chop

    Aidan AlburyAidan Albury2 månader sedan
  • Lmao papa scared for his life 1:29

    PenxuinPenxuin2 månader sedan
  • Victor is really fat

    KatenteKatente2 månader sedan
  • 0:01 you don’t have to thank me

    Jericho YaginJericho Yagin2 månader sedan
  • The more anomaly gives gfuel ads the more I start wanting a coka cola

    Lex BeautridgeLex Beautridge2 månader sedan
  • :D

    Martin KozárMartin Kozár2 månader sedan
  • 7:58 that laugh

    Sh4rk_FlammanSh4rk_Flamman2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly: *Makes video about his Reddit* Also Anomaly: *Spends most of the video talking about gfuel*

    Nagy NNagy N2 månader sedan
  • G fuel gives me pre workout vibes so therefore I will not sip on this like a regular drink

    Aaron MessnerAaron Messner2 månader sedan
  • Dude i like your vids but... FUCK THIS GFUEL SPONSOR JUST SAY ONCE AND DONE

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]2 månader sedan
  • 9:16 swaggersouls is that you?

    Zyron AcainZyron Acain3 månader sedan
  • 8:08 he saying 63, my brain: bITch ARe yOU dUmB

    ICT 2007ICT 20073 månader sedan
    • No

      TabletRBTabletRB3 månader sedan
  • Why is papa wearing the same shirt every video?

    Felix LundkvistFelix Lundkvist3 månader sedan
  • Yo im pretty sure jesus body was made into crude oil and then he became fuel. Therefore its like papa said: jesus fuel

    AestheticAesthetic3 månader sedan
  • 8:04 anomaly laughs Papanomaly laughs like anomaly Me: hahahahaha hah like papanomaly

    Alex nyariAlex nyari3 månader sedan
  • 10:26 he is like neineineienieniew or okay whatever lemme pass out

    Lash1taLash1ta3 månader sedan
  • 8:22 wtf ,that is sounds like the among us meme music

    malwidolarmalwidolar3 månader sedan
  • G ful? Yes

    Random PersonRandom Person3 månader sedan
  • g-fuel gay-fuel

    Suomalaista PelailuaSuomalaista Pelailua3 månader sedan
  • Netflix: are you still watching Someone daughter: 1:28

    ScizzorJScizzorJ3 månader sedan
  • I do wonder sometimes, how many people just stumble upon anomaly, freak out and report his videos for domestic violence 👀👀👀

    MarxistStoner__MarxistStoner__3 månader sedan
  • this is the best intro i have seen

    Frost GodFrost God3 månader sedan
  • nobody: Ghasts in Minecraft: 0:01

    Nils WeustenfeldNils Weustenfeld3 månader sedan
  • Honestly funnier than both the roasts

    Lohan VenterLohan Venter3 månader sedan
  • Gfuel is to expensive

    APRISAAPRISA3 månader sedan
  • very nice 8:02

    George F.George F.3 månader sedan
    • Yes

      TabletRBTabletRB3 månader sedan
  • 8:00 very nice

    George F.George F.3 månader sedan
    • Yes

      TabletRBTabletRB3 månader sedan
  • The scar on his head gave him brain damage

    ZyphonZyphon3 månader sedan
  • 0:01-0:06 EAR RAPE

    Per-Arne Dahl KristiansenPer-Arne Dahl Kristiansen3 månader sedan
  • 8:02 what a song

    the ugandan gamer homiethe ugandan gamer homie3 månader sedan
  • i cant even drink sugar free stuff, if i do i diarrhea all over floor

    SidiacSidiac3 månader sedan
  • 1:40 i know for a fact, that does not taste good and it takes very powdery because that is like 8 scoops and it prolly tastes way too strong (u only need 1, or 1.4 scoops)

    Tristan Wolf GustavsenTristan Wolf Gustavsen3 månader sedan
  • I challenge papa to only say “yes” in an entire video

    Temo - M8Temo - M83 månader sedan
    • Um try challenging him in a newer video.

      Δημητρης ΟικονομουΔημητρης Οικονομου3 månader sedan
  • See you guys in 2 or 5 years when this is on your recommended

    Bilguun0714Bilguun07143 månader sedan
  • 2:06 u look like adolf hitler

    Big JeffBig Jeff3 månader sedan
  • 8:06 that How it sounds to crank an old car :)

    jacob lindekrantzjacob lindekrantz3 månader sedan
  • 666 dislikes

    Haw GDHaw GD3 månader sedan
  • I had to watch a whole video of an autistic special needs grown man beating his father just so I can see my own post, and it wasn't on the vid

    cluXcluX3 månader sedan
  • i pissed myself at the forest gump impression

    H.DilkH.Dilk3 månader sedan
  • Who cares

    BBX GhostBBX Ghost3 månader sedan
  • What country are you from?

    night_fury_123night_fury_1234 månader sedan
  • No one: Horses with epilepsy: 8:02 Edit: At 9:28 my phone fell so Anomaly is in my house

    Karben FeibarKarben Feibar4 månader sedan
  • I your biggest fan i watch you from 170 kilo, today i reach 200 milestone

    JustChillManJustChillMan4 månader sedan
  • 0:26 pause it and look at papas face, thats disappointment right there

    Hacking ModsHacking Mods4 månader sedan
  • Uhm there are too many videos on your g fuel ad

    David SilvaDavid Silva4 månader sedan
  • 1:35 When you try the backdoor with your gf

    Kiril KirilovKiril Kirilov4 månader sedan
  • This vid is fucking.....dumb, all the promo's...but the memes are good

    Augustas TotilisAugustas Totilis4 månader sedan
  • Shittier version of gayban

    staRboystaRboy4 månader sedan
  • i once kept a kfc bucket for you guys i had it for 5 months but then i realize that it was for you guys that made me laugh and that made me throw up on the bucket lol

    ItsJustJoItsJustJo4 månader sedan
  • This is just a g fuel ad

    TammieTamTamTammieTamTam4 månader sedan
  • G fuel okay, you gay

    Ogrzegorz SanOgrzegorz San4 månader sedan
  • Fucking sellout shit is annoying after the 6th time bro

    NeXuSKiLL. exeNeXuSKiLL. exe4 månader sedan
  • I posted something on your Reddit and you should review it. Same name as on here

    TheGreatYakuzaTheGreatYakuza4 månader sedan
  • 0:00 babies when they enter a plane:

    Coleman SchweigertColeman Schweigert4 månader sedan
  • Amongst them...

    viking852viking8524 månader sedan
  • I’ll film you for 24 hours

    SlipknotJackyboySlipknotJackyboy4 månader sedan
  • homme

    EDDEEDDE4 månader sedan
  • add blocker does not work this video is like a 11 minute add omfg.

    Legromp 3Legromp 34 månader sedan

    Yes man Go video games manYes man Go video games man4 månader sedan
  • At 8:09 is it 63? I think its 83

    Halus GamerHalus Gamer4 månader sedan
  • 24h livestream in the box maby:)

    Trilco3Trilco34 månader sedan
  • 8:08 he said 63 and it says 83 lmao 😂

    Blaster maniacBlaster maniac4 månader sedan
  • Imma predict that analomy and PAPAAAA get 1 mil subs before march 2021

    H1ZER F0XH1ZER F0X4 månader sedan
  • When he looks in the camera the headphones make him look like he has hiteler hair

    András CsontAndrás Csont4 månader sedan
  • A lot - 30% = 30% less horrible for your wallet

    Toaster VanToaster Van4 månader sedan
  • Fat

    Tevž VelkavrhTevž Velkavrh4 månader sedan
    • @TabletRB no u

      Tevž VelkavrhTevž Velkavrh3 månader sedan
    • No u

      TabletRBTabletRB3 månader sedan
  • i love 3:53

    MattdwMattdw5 månader sedan
  • 8:05 LMAO

    P l i e r sP l i e r s5 månader sedan
  • Y E S

    IanscoldIanscold5 månader sedan
  • Anomaly 21st century humor vers pls.xD

    Romar MondigoRomar Mondigo5 månader sedan
  • that amazonian women thing made me spit chinese soup on my monitor,laptop,keyboard,mousepad,mouse,wall,lamp and legs

    MaskedMasked5 månader sedan
  • G fuel is just way under dosed overpriced pre workout

    Solar Pro NathanSolar Pro Nathan5 månader sedan
  • 7:59 but this is hahihahihahihahihahihahiha😂

    tarionnEditstarionnEdits5 månader sedan
  • i mean im willing to record anomaly in a box

    ABizarreGamerABizarreGamer5 månader sedan