This is definitely some of the worst Steam games you can play. :D

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  • Part 3 pls

    General-von-JerryGeneral-von-Jerry6 timmar sedan
  • Wtf why is NBA in hall of shame

    Đorđe KostićĐorđe Kostić3 dagar sedan
  • 15:16 to me at first it sounded like a cheap keyboard typing sound, but later I realized that I was wrong and that it's the sh*tty paintball gun reload sound :/

    Eastern Chris DevEastern Chris Dev5 dagar sedan
  • This is One of the funniest videos ive seen

    Oliver BomannOliver Bomann14 dagar sedan

    CrispyBaconCrispyBacon16 dagar sedan
  • For Papa TML Is Take My Liver

    PAPA JOHNPAPA JOHN19 dagar sedan
  • You missed Cyberpunk

    Georgian BayGeorgian Bay20 dagar sedan
  • 9:37 why does this look like ludwig

    Jason ChenJason Chen27 dagar sedan
  • I am dead

    Jason ChenJason Chen27 dagar sedan
  • bruh youtube says it´s garry´s mod lol

    Jakub_broJakub_bro28 dagar sedan
  • BREH why does it say hes playing garrys mod ???!?!!! lol

    Plumber Dog69Plumber Dog69Månad sedan
  • Anomaly: *drives bus into a small car killing an entire family* Also Anomaly: “ooh sowry”

    SproliSproliMånad sedan
  • the editor makes an awesome job

    lamb soslamb sosMånad sedan
  • Apparently your channel is as old as me

    Copilu ZacuscăCopilu ZacuscăMånad sedan
  • wait. paintball war is using the art and map from an actual GOOD paintball game that i played on xbox 360. wtf man

    SquishyPIcklSquishyPIcklMånad sedan

    Elyes JomniElyes Jomni2 månader sedan
  • *e r r o r*

    butterflybutterfly2 månader sedan
  • 12:58 i laughed so much my throat started hurting

    ඞ2 månader sedan
  • U almost literally abused ma country bruh check out the capital city of mongolia fam its called ulaanbaatar k

    Thicc BoiiThicc Boii2 månader sedan
  • 12:08 it wasn't a virus it was the computer crying for help so the computer took it self to settings to let you know that it want's to end themself

    ItsJustJoItsJustJo2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly and papa: playing random bad games. SEslow: Garry 's mod

    L1pton_teaL1pton_tea2 månader sedan
  • Legit the funniest part about anomaly's channel is the freakin funny intro

    Bryan Chilion AbrahamBryan Chilion Abraham2 månader sedan
  • To but the tea party game is actually good bu sture

    XenocxXenocx2 månader sedan
  • pliz cange ur intro my dad tells mi to cange the video :P

    HOTDOGI45 GamingHOTDOGI45 Gaming2 månader sedan
  • I actually remember the tea simulator game

    Horny DucksHorny Ducks2 månader sedan
  • Maybe you would play horrible steam horror games

    Hagu gaPLHagu gaPL2 månader sedan
  • The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia -North korea

    Davaa jaV🥐Davaa jaV🥐3 månader sedan
  • NGL the north Korea game had good animations

    M373117M3731173 månader sedan
  • You know its going to be a good game when the menu loads and blows out your ear drums lol

    Mitchell BudurkaMitchell Budurka3 månader sedan
  • fedd49 more like im dead49

    Pyro Swe MikaPyro Swe Mika3 månader sedan
  • It isn't working because you have infinite scroll enabled in your store preferences

    Supernova BornSupernova Born3 månader sedan
  • 15:41 it's fucking ASSwome

    Alex nyariAlex nyari3 månader sedan
  • anomaly, more like Fatpool

    MeMM00MeMM003 månader sedan
  • 15:20 Anomaly in chat: Puta madre ...he left :D

    HHH - Exclusive SoundsHHH - Exclusive Sounds3 månader sedan
  • Games that are like Alpha Zylon: Half Life: Alyx and Metro Exodus. Nice

    TestvTestv4 månader sedan
  • Plz play X-17 its the worst game

    LordNero 370LordNero 3704 månader sedan
  • Everybody gangsta until skeletons starts speaking error

    JoeOnYTJoeOnYT4 månader sedan
  • Gib taf acking terard

    Ogrzegorz SanOgrzegorz San4 månader sedan
  • L

    AkleoAkleo4 månader sedan
  • 0:45 - 0:52 all rhyme

    ImZhaldImZhald4 månader sedan
  • At the end he Said that was the free to play games of early 2020

    FinnGamesFinnGames4 månader sedan
  • 0:00 OOOAAHHH

    Safa AlzenaSafa Alzena4 månader sedan
  • that arabic at stop sign clearly say f**k you right?

    Hafizul IzhamHafizul Izham4 månader sedan
  • 12:08 i thought it was my pop up screen

  • steams sämsta spel

    Legal_FlameLegal_Flame4 månader sedan
  • 6:25 that review on the right means Best christmas gift i ever got kurwa

    XenTazXenTaz4 månader sedan
  • Funny video and bad games, but I have to say making a video on there games and then refunding it I believe is bad. You made money of there product just to refund theirs? Not okey

    Fransman La parisFransman La paris4 månader sedan
  • 2020 didn't happen Change my mind

    WhyIM2GramWhyIM2Gram4 månader sedan
  • Alpha zylon brings back memories of jerma

    StuffisawesomeStuffisawesome4 månader sedan
  • 11:04 me ded

    MemoryMemory4 månader sedan
  • The real reason to why Anomaly is laughing so much, is because he needs to breathe more then a normal human being. All that fat on his body, makes it extremely hard for him to breathe!

    TryHardTryHard4 månader sedan
  • 13:45 that sound effect for the falling cup is too good lmao

    just a random educated humanjust a random educated human4 månader sedan
  • So Atomik Fabrik is equal to LJN?

    MemenestMemenest4 månader sedan
  • Can you play blood and becon

    Dylan LangeDylan Lange4 månader sedan
  • Big asberger POgchamp

    Olivier OrlowskiOlivier Orlowski4 månader sedan
  • True

    AvebestAvebest4 månader sedan
  • when you get explosive diarrhea: 0:00

    Sulpicio SullaSulpicio Sulla4 månader sedan
  • anomaly gei

    NewFake HrajeNewFake Hraje4 månader sedan
  • The last Hope Trump vs. Mafia - North Korea

    Magic_Ludi NerfMagic_Ludi Nerf4 månader sedan
  • 10:56 wtf the UI is literally stolen from dead space

    knif3knif35 månader sedan
  • Oh my god. I speak Spanish, I think the second game set in Colombia is some foreigner pretending to Speak Spanish

    UnderscoreUnderscore5 månader sedan
  • i have a big question are the off-white unc jordans in the background REAL and or is FAKE

    jxhnjxhn5 månader sedan
  • Def need more terrible games reviews! keep up the great work and content

    rprxrprx5 månader sedan
  • 11:57 when russians come home after work to play cs

    Daniel GerenkoDaniel Gerenko5 månader sedan
  • 0:20 lmao just use the middle mouse button.

    Skellybur ColumbusSkellybur Columbus5 månader sedan
  • I lose brain cells everytime i watch you my g im now watching the shareik prat 1

    Zac BakZac Bak5 månader sedan

    michumichu5 månader sedan
  • I love making fun of germans

    Hesus KrestoozHesus Krestooz5 månader sedan
  • 0:00 Wellcum

    XezXez5 månader sedan
  • a bro giv me all ur doups on cs

    7xinys7xinys5 månader sedan
  • The first game is much better than lots of shooters cause u can see LEGS.

    ValdeDIEValdeDIE5 månader sedan
  • G502 users: pathetic

    TheSourBeanTheSourBean5 månader sedan
  • Pls do more open CS:GO cases

    ImMrBossTurtle13ImMrBossTurtle135 månader sedan
  • Play krunker its the worst game

    BruddafyBruddafy5 månader sedan
  • you should play russiaphobia. please xd

    Ricardo MilosRicardo Milos5 månader sedan
  • that pistol for the first, ive seen that gun so many times on a bunch of shitty mobile games, its like one of the most popular unity assets the sound for the m16, i remember seeing it on a mobile game i use to like playing, it was called call of battlefield

    FlxmingoFlxmingo5 månader sedan
  • Can u do most rated games? :'D

    LicuidLicuid5 månader sedan
  • play rustt plz

    Harry ScottHarry Scott5 månader sedan
  • My game isnt that bad :((

    tincekBRTtincekBRT5 månader sedan
  • 12:08 Anomaly’s computer was screaming in pain!!!!

    IceKid451IceKid4515 månader sedan
  • Just found this channel from this video

    Thor the DogeThor the Doge5 månader sedan
  • Huh i remember when RUST used to have this shitty window to adjust graphic settings

    ZGREDZGRED5 månader sedan
  • And cs go

    Stefan TolevStefan Tolev5 månader sedan
  • for some seconds i think it is cyber punk

    yozek79yozek795 månader sedan
  • I dare u to make ur own game

    Late2 NationLate2 Nation5 månader sedan
  • dude sniper fury is actualy a mobile game

    femi-nazi olan erkekfemi-nazi olan erkek5 månader sedan
  • Anomaly should try Far cry 2 best far cry game ever made

    mrperuna buottang v2mrperuna buottang v25 månader sedan
  • i play paimtball war

    Shylow BrickleyShylow Brickley5 månader sedan
  • this is probably the funniest video i've ever watched on the internet

    CationCation5 månader sedan
  • Radal = Better anomaly Sry but that's the truth

    NévNév5 månader sedan
  • 8:46 LMFAO

    EejanaikaEejanaika5 månader sedan
  • I feel like one day he’s gonna upload a video where he just forgets to wear the balaclava

    MURKMURK5 månader sedan
  • Dude i just got a notification for a 6 day old video wtf

    Bryan VallejoBryan Vallejo5 månader sedan
  • The fact that that sniper game isn’t even worth a few minutes of an autistic disappointment really tells something about it.

    A Randomお姉さんA Randomお姉さん5 månader sedan
  • Anomaly, why did you steal my internet speeds

    DeRgDeRg5 månader sedan
  • *The last hope: Trump vs Mafia North Korea* So what you do in this game? I've no idea.

    Un KnOwN_Un KnOwN_5 månader sedan
  • does papa have the fnatic react

    iZéYiZéY5 månader sedan
  • not tryna brag or anything but we got the same headset

    FraxiveFraxive5 månader sedan
  • I love the dad and son connection they have

    DizzyDizzy5 månader sedan
  • playing the worst reviewed games SEslow : ah yes, csgo

    Kermit le ninjaKermit le ninja5 månader sedan