I've roasted Papa for being bad while guessing prices of CS:GO skins. Let's see how well I fare doing the same :-l

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  • An0maly- HeLp

    Sensei NameSensei Name5 dagar sedan
  • 9:45 oh No Pope Jan Paweł II its died in this time R.I.P Guys please [*]

    Mr. _-_EzPlayer_-_Mr. _-_EzPlayer_-_6 dagar sedan
  • The stickers on the gun ruin the look of the gun

    Mc CommanderMc Commander7 dagar sedan
  • Lol i guessed right on the deagle pintstream

    sulanskusinsulanskusin7 dagar sedan
  • 6:16 me driving home from school to anomaly's stream

    Дорменок ІванДорменок Іван8 dagar sedan
  • 6:15 bruum bruum

    Silas ClausenSilas Clausen9 dagar sedan
  • that meme dragon lore should bee worth 1,337,420,690 $

    LGLSLGLS9 dagar sedan
  • Fernando Alonso in Abu Dhabi in 2013😂

    Marko TendlMarko Tendl9 dagar sedan
  • imagine anomaly doing this again, but whatever amount he guessed over/under by, he donates to charity.

    PatrickPatrick9 dagar sedan
  • Sparkles waiting for him to accept like: :(((

    leonid ilievskileonid ilievski12 dagar sedan
  • Warowl sticker

    Anurag SinghAnurag Singh12 dagar sedan
  • Kind of sad that you still have the skin names AND the conditions to help you. Papa definitely needs those when guessing, you DONT.

    Alexander van ZantenAlexander van Zanten13 dagar sedan
  • The panoramic insect secondarily pray because grain cumulatively allow after a simplistic exhaust. righteous, secret house

    Peter DraperPeter Draper13 dagar sedan
  • 0:01 I hate my job please help me. For anyone who is not a fast reader

    Gordon FrercksGordon Frercks14 dagar sedan
  • LDCL sticker will increase because LIDL

    Papa RoastPapa Roast15 dagar sedan
  • i love how much papanomaly does not give 2 fucks about csgo guns lmfao "yeas" "yep" "ohh" "YEP" "yeah" "yes"

    Kristófer IngimundarsonKristófer Ingimundarson15 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly is gay

    An ordinary guyAn ordinary guy16 dagar sedan
  • awp do cachorro 1337 10:00 mt brabo

  • i agree with papa! bloodsport´s skins are s#!T!

    Profe Juan!Profe Juan!16 dagar sedan
  • @anomaly cant you do a video where you show us your favourite budget skins. So kind of like the ones you get the most for the buck.

    ArrenyArreny16 dagar sedan
  • i miss streetman :(

    HelpHelp16 dagar sedan
  • You need to do these vids with Papa having a shot if you are more than 20% off

    NotMeAgainNotMeAgain16 dagar sedan
  • 605 comment

    Au gisAu gis17 dagar sedan
  • NEXT VIDEO IDEA: listen To Korpiklaani-vodka and when they say vodka Papa takes a shot of vodka.

    juho kukkonenjuho kukkonen17 dagar sedan
  • Plese nev part i wand to se other zkinz plese anomly

    Let’s go playLet’s go play17 dagar sedan
    • The grammar is joke Ok ?

      Let’s go playLet’s go play17 dagar sedan
  • We need guess skin price battle between Anomaly and Papa pls?!

    CrazyAnimeGuy CAGCrazyAnimeGuy CAG17 dagar sedan
  • Whenever I have depression I always come here to feel better

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  • Give papa a gay haircut and dye his hair purple for 1 millon subs

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  • i hate my job please help me

    Isak JacobsenIsak Jacobsen17 dagar sedan
  • When is papa going to paint the m249 system lock? I’m still waiting :(

    Arvid Drums & BassArvid Drums & Bass17 dagar sedan
  • Essa dragon lore é do cachorro 1337

    luiz fernandesluiz fernandes17 dagar sedan
  • You can tell that samz is suffering from effort cause i didn't even see the quagmire coming from the side

    LarsonicLarsonic18 dagar sedan
  • when anomaly runs out of money:

    JesperJesper18 dagar sedan
  • 11:53 papa flinching because anomaly beats him

    Lewis MathersLewis Mathers18 dagar sedan
  • Should have asked Papa too choose some skins, would have been interesting.

    Främlingarna Limpan & Salt GurkanFrämlingarna Limpan & Salt Gurkan19 dagar sedan
  • And People playing cod still complains about micro transactions 😂

    DanskenDansken19 dagar sedan
  • day 10 of asking papa to draw the d lore irl...

  • Dude I fucking love samz

    Иван БокаревИван Бокарев19 dagar sedan
  • 0:19 soundee likea fucking clown horn

    thue beck madsenthue beck madsen19 dagar sedan
  • 10:33 Papa scared for his life O.O

    Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln19 dagar sedan
  • Foreskin

    Neglected RetardNeglected Retard19 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly gey

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment19 dagar sedan
  • U need to divide buff prices by about 0,7 to be semi accurate. Just talking buff prices is a bit retarded

    ypsilonypsilon19 dagar sedan
  • Would've been cool to have you guess the float too

    Carlos KnDCarlos KnD19 dagar sedan
  • waiting for more cooking vids with you and papa

    DemoknightDemoknight19 dagar sedan
  • lidl

    Orange terracottaOrange terracotta19 dagar sedan
  • Whats the name of the site he used to check the vice glove price?

    Sir PingatonSir Pingaton19 dagar sedan
  • anomaly doesnt look as fat or is it just me?

    tonto -tonto -20 dagar sedan
  • lidl is my go to supermarket because im big autist

    Kevin KohlhuberKevin Kohlhuber20 dagar sedan
  • gör en video där din farsa gissar priset på och öl och om han gissar rätt så köper du öl till han

    sykyjokesykyjoke20 dagar sedan
  • Finn from adventure time you got fat

    MrNeon CamalMrNeon Camal20 dagar sedan
  • he actually knowed price before he sayed it cause he is taking skins from steam and watching items from steam market not he's inventory,he just said wrong price to don't be obvious

    Red FoxRed Fox20 dagar sedan
  • Papanomaly PTSD 11:53

    PetalPetal20 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly: misses the price by 2 k Also anomaly: lets go

    The VillagerThe Villager20 dagar sedan
  • Good video but a better video is papa guess prices of beer

    Mattis GustaffaMattis Gustaffa20 dagar sedan
  • He Claped More Than The Words In The Begining Of The Video

    ™ 𝕢𝕨𝟙𝕝𝕫𝕪𝕊 ¬_¬™ 𝕢𝕨𝟙𝕝𝕫𝕪𝕊 ¬_¬20 dagar sedan
  • Commenting till you clean your house

    erich mollererich moller20 dagar sedan
  • 3 years ago i had 2 butterfly knives (stained and case hardened) ofr like 200 eu. i wanna hang myself now

    reaperreaper20 dagar sedan
  • So no one is gonna talk about editors message in the beginning of the video?

    BronislavaBronislava20 dagar sedan
  • "Were talking about 10k" papa: WUT.

    justIn_justIn_20 dagar sedan
  • 10:15 but that crack

    melongusmelongus20 dagar sedan
  • Who edit

    GokiGoki20 dagar sedan
  • 9:48 a brazilian youtuber have that awp his channel is cachorro1337

    WyflexWyflex20 dagar sedan
  • This ak 47 bloodsport cost like my fucking house

    ilya senkinilya senkin21 dag sedan
  • why does papa flinch when u raise ur hand hmmmm🧐🧐🧐🧐

    Kacper PlewaKacper Plewa21 dag sedan
  • You should do a vid where u visit sweden, its seems like an intresting country.

    Adrian RenströmAdrian Renström21 dag sedan
  • Anomaly accurately represented the SF1000s sound lol

    Samuel IvascuSamuel Ivascu21 dag sedan
  • If you look at the pandoras box gloves you can see Anomaly's face on the right index finger :D

    zitubiazitubia21 dag sedan
  • tim lidl

    adamadam21 dag sedan
  • 5:08 big brain editor

    WyxamWyxam21 dag sedan
  • Next video: Anomaly Guessing beer prices

    ComradeMiladinComradeMiladin21 dag sedan
  • 11:53 when papa gets beat so often that he gets scared of anomaly highfiving

    superTrollesuperTrolle21 dag sedan
  • Still waiting till papa shoota anomaly with his beer shotgun

    Simas SaugūnasSimas Saugūnas21 dag sedan
  • Vittu

    Johannes .IJohannes .I21 dag sedan
  • CZ75 Auto | Nitro Anomaly : nEtERo

    LASPER ❶LASPER ❶21 dag sedan
  • Did Anomaly named Ak-47|Blood Sport w/ just a holo game stickers Mona Lisa? Now that's a gamer!

    Quasar 1337Quasar 133721 dag sedan
  • he read cachorro choro lol

  • hi

    Sten-Marten SõrmusSten-Marten Sõrmus21 dag sedan
  • Do a video when papa try’s disgusting snus

    Eric GallenEric Gallen21 dag sedan
  • ResidentSleeper

    Chris CarlosChris Carlos21 dag sedan
  • Papa looking very much like chicken egg

    MendoMendo21 dag sedan
  • Anomaly's brain is a balloon, 97% helium 3% knowledge

    Pelle Boaz CarrascoPelle Boaz Carrasco21 dag sedan
  • I would sell this one 9:50 for $69420

    melokmelok21 dag sedan
  • 11:53 your dad already preparing to get a slap to the face :')

    EpicDonutDudeEpicDonutDude21 dag sedan
    • Why are you everywhere

      trenchtrench14 dagar sedan
    • Are u fan of superstitum

      E l i j a m i e l 29E l i j a m i e l 2914 dagar sedan
    • Mm yes

      ⠀14 dagar sedan
    • why do i see you everywhere

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    • EpicDonutMan how ur playlist got so many views tho??

      A SpongeA Sponge20 dagar sedan
  • This time no sponsor but 50 ads

    meksmeks21 dag sedan
  • Papa flinches every time when Anomaly interacts with him

    JygsyJygsy21 dag sedan
  • Anomaly when you will do another "Road trip" to finland i remember you visited on Åland 3 years ago have you ever been in Helsingfors/Helsinki

    Lettu hilloLettu hillo21 dag sedan
  • we all know why papanomaly is there . becouse without him the video wouldn't be entertaning

    PtixPtix21 dag sedan

    FenxFenx21 dag sedan
  • WTF has happend?!! Papa looks kinda sick and jävlig. Pllzzz tell me hes fine! Papa u welcome to visit Höga Kusten to relax and be away from shitty Anomaly pranks.

    Agent GuLAgent GuL21 dag sedan
  • Papa looks bored

    m. rilaphm. rilaph21 dag sedan
  • #TeamLidl 🤣🤣🤣

    FrexFrex21 dag sedan
  • 11:53 papa gets scared of anomaly's high five....... years of bullying

    Divyansh JainDivyansh Jain21 dag sedan
  • Do a drunk unboxing

    The boy play GamesThe boy play Games21 dag sedan
  • Fat x69

    The boy play GamesThe boy play Games21 dag sedan
  • What happened with Streetman?

    WexutarWexutar21 dag sedan
  • 10:45 see you left Sparkles hanging with the CS GO invite

    JP de LeeuwJP de Leeuw21 dag sedan
  • I’m starting to question if I should trade with anomaly he’s a bit wonky with the prices

    MinimyzMinimyz21 dag sedan
  • Lack of content ? Anomaly is going downhill.

    Bobby BadfingerBobby Badfinger21 dag sedan
  • where did anomaly tooth go?

    Tyler EdenburnTyler Edenburn21 dag sedan