I think Papa will still stick with regular beer after this đŸ€”

Ladda ner



  • I miss my old freind simon so i cry my self to sleep everyday

    Felix StenbjerkFelix Stenbjerk2 dagar sedan
  • 4:47 *niamemetwhoooa*

    WhatDeDöqWhatDeDöq5 dagar sedan
  • congrats, the banana beer is the first thing to ever make me feel sick on the internet

    David BrandtDavid Brandt5 dagar sedan
  • The papanomaly vids are amazing lol

    Ess AbilityEss Ability6 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly adding banana to the beer - FRUT BANANA PAPA

    woozie_woodwoozie_wood7 dagar sedan
  • sus

    Max MarshallMax Marshall11 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly is gay

    CoolSabagamerYTCoolSabagamerYT14 dagar sedan
  • Anomaly: Lets make weird ass Beer Papa: yes...

    Croz WellCroz Well16 dagar sedan
  • I'm wondering whether or not i should visit my local microbrewery beer store and send papa such gems as mango chilli beer. (Seriously good tho)

    D_boiD_boi19 dagar sedan

    Kornél TamàsiKornél Tamàsi25 dagar sedan
  • You can add soda

    OfirWasHereOfirWasHereMĂ„nad sedan
  • 1:19 that "ew" sounds like something Hades from the Disney movie would say

    - Scoopy -- Scoopy -MĂ„nad sedan
  • banan öl fy fan ja hade spytt som en gris, fast de hade ja gjort av endast djungelkorv

    Patrik AnderbergPatrik AnderbergMĂ„nad sedan
  • Yes!

    Vojtěch NovotnĂœVojtěch NovotnĂœMĂ„nad sedan
  • I died lol 5:55

    alfred 11alfred 11MĂ„nad sedan
  • after this video i watched jackass

    CaptainBlyadManCaptainBlyadManMĂ„nad sedan
  • anomaly gae

    CoolSabagamerYTCoolSabagamerYTMĂ„nad sedan
  • Papanomaly vented?! Sus!1!1!1!1!11!11!!1

    InkPea_1069InkPea_1069MĂ„nad sedan
  • Black feet

    Kaiser AxKaiser AxMĂ„nad sedan
  • i like the lemon one

    MrLemonXMrLemonXMĂ„nad sedan
  • dude papa need to try turkish alchols like tuborg red tuborg yellow

    waspumkwaspumkMĂ„nad sedan
  • yes yes yes yes yes yes

    zenzenMĂ„nad sedan
  • Whenever he says haram I wheeze😂

    Mori si.Mori si.MĂ„nad sedan
  • 4:46 GUULF

    GFYS Studios ✓GFYS Studios ✓MĂ„nad sedan
  • 1:55

    GFYS Studios ✓GFYS Studios ✓MĂ„nad sedan
  • As a guy who worked in a bar I can barely hold myself from raging over how Anomaly pours the beer

    PerkonsPerkonsMĂ„nad sedan
  • Maybe papa should try the banana and sprite challange after this :)

    superTrollesuperTrolleMĂ„nad sedan
  • Uhhhh guys papa vented hes sus

    S3V3NS3V3NMĂ„nad sedan
  • You do the Bananabeer with wheat beer. It's very popular at german bars. With Pils it tastes like shit :D

    GrongoGrongoMĂ„nad sedan
  • Never watch anomaly while eating...

    HiDeHiDeMĂ„nad sedan
  • hello guys today im trying to kill myself coause i fell pain inside

    Alfred Klitgaard ToldamAlfred Klitgaard Toldam2 mÄnader sedan

    ismerismer2 mÄnader sedan
  • PAPA slowly dying inside

    XxwolfmanxXXxwolfmanxX2 mÄnader sedan
  • 1:44

    The TiminatorThe Timinator2 mÄnader sedan
  • This is russia 2:28

  • Anone remember the Great Hedgehog Face Fuck drink?

    Ivo PlaysIvo Plays2 mÄnader sedan
  • Thats not how to pour beer

    topguNtopguN2 mÄnader sedan
  • Someone should show him how to pour beer

    Hakan ÖHakan Ö2 mĂ„nader sedan
  • BRO NO JOKE, I ALMOST DIED AT 2:48 WHEN PAPA FELL, I was eating my fucking bread and drinking my soda then they start laughing and i see the text in the bottom. I choked so hard my fucking throat is no longer. *WHY IS MY HUMOR SO BAD!?*

    MattsoPiratosoMattsoPiratoso2 mÄnader sedan
  • ew

    x N Y R O Xx N Y R O X2 mÄnader sedan
  • At first I thought the title was MAKING WEED BEER 😂

    Dr1ft Soci3tyDr1ft Soci3ty2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa sus

    gibbehgibbeh2 mÄnader sedan
  • 10:01

    SyncerGamerSyncerGamer2 mÄnader sedan
  • 8:24 Hitler when Auschwitz was getting full:

    RantzRantz2 mÄnader sedan
  • Wtf is with your hand at 0:32

    Dom's insectsDom's insects2 mÄnader sedan
  • The second chocolate macropharmacologically attend because encyclopedia immunocytochemically care above a toothsome command. marked, envious donald

    Peter DraperPeter Draper2 mÄnader sedan
  • 7:28 Das menstruationen Pilsner

    Tobias VollmerTobias Vollmer2 mÄnader sedan
  • nice

    zeronzeron2 mÄnader sedan
  • *2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3 put the whole tabasco sauce in to the beer*

    Sun TzuSun Tzu2 mÄnader sedan
  • "Lemon salibe fu"

    LugiaLugia2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papanomaly impostor ????😂

    Rohit SahaRohit Saha2 mÄnader sedan
  • What sport does Tiger Woods do again? 4:45

    SpikeySpikey2 mÄnader sedan
  • Watching this at klockan 12 is hillarius

    Simpe XDSimpe XD2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa drinking beer and transforming into a sheep Edit: i meant a demonic goat

    Comrade AlcatrazComrade Alcatraz2 mÄnader sedan
  • i died XD

    Povilas MatulaPovilas Matula2 mÄnader sedan
  • 3:26

    Alexander AlsingAlexander Alsing2 mÄnader sedan
  • pappa with ostehĂžvell owo

    odd Marvin Nilsenodd Marvin Nilsen2 mÄnader sedan
  • Bloody hell more like period facefuck

    Keve FeherKeve Feher2 mÄnader sedan
  • 3:56 I cried inside when I saw how he poured that beer

    NOELNOEL2 mÄnader sedan
  • Is papa made of steel

    KronkKronk2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa vented. Lol

    Simas SaugƫnasSimas Saugƫnas2 mÄnader sedan
  • Caveman discovering cocktails and trying which one are okay be like

    emptyclouDemptyclouD2 mÄnader sedan
  • 0:00 That fucking vent sound is a gold

    MeloshkeMeloshke2 mÄnader sedan
  • Watching anomaly pour those beers without tilting the glass once was torture

    J MJ M2 mÄnader sedan
  • Lol thats dog icecream XD he just drank

    SxqStrafeSxqStrafe2 mÄnader sedan
  • i love watching anomal yvideos because i get trashed whenni drink with papanomaly drinks

    ross pross p2 mÄnader sedan
  • Anomaly: This is the STRONG MAN BEAR. Meanwhile pappa: has a finding nemo hat...

    Khage OfficialKhage Official2 mÄnader sedan
  • Y’all definitely get a dislike just because of one reason can’t pour a beer for shit

  • baba ganoush beer?

    jiashunjiashun2 mÄnader sedan
  • 8:24 moustachĂš man belike

    MAGAMAGA2 mÄnader sedan
  • I liked how Papanomaly was just scooping the coffee up with a "Osthyvel"

    Gustav EgebakkenGustav Egebakken2 mÄnader sedan
  • I'm scared you gonna kill papanomaly 1 day

    RedRed2 mÄnader sedan
  • Can you try arabic food and snacks ? Plez

    thehaker 324thehaker 3242 mÄnader sedan
  • Never ever try a clamato bud light

    SkytropilisSkytropilis2 mÄnader sedan
  • Alcohol: is literally toxic Humans: this is some gourmet sht

    GManHeavyGManHeavy2 mÄnader sedan
    • it isn't toxic if you enjoy it

      Xen0NXen0N2 mÄnader sedan
  • Why dont make Kvass?

    tr1pl3tr1pl32 mÄnader sedan
  • Anomaly saying a lot of word Papanomaly: yes :)

    Dont askDont ask2 mÄnader sedan
  • Respect📉📉📉📉📉 for papa because he drinks the beer warm

    BubeAK37BubeAK372 mÄnader sedan
    • I don't like to drink it cold because then I can't drink it fast as I could

      Xen0NXen0N2 mÄnader sedan
  • I havent seen my dad for 3 years, i think he vented somewheređŸ€”

    Magnificent SpudMagnificent Spud2 mÄnader sedan
  • They all taste like s*h1t so its straight up torture lol

    JevriJevri2 mÄnader sedan
    • no they don't

      Xen0NXen0N2 mÄnader sedan
  • 0:00 why is the sound effect so familiar but i dont know where its from

    RuskyxdRuskyxd2 mÄnader sedan
  • 0:33 YES

    golden0 egggolden0 egg2 mÄnader sedan
  • Where is RapaceN

    EXPECXTEXPECXT2 mÄnader sedan
  • Free foot pic

    geenRgeenR2 mÄnader sedan
  • Squidward would fucking kill himself if he heard Anomaly’s laugh

    JSTQJSTQ2 mÄnader sedan
  • That pour must be the least satisfying thing ever

    Plósz PetiPlósz Peti2 mÄnader sedan
  • the papa soundscape is good

    Kellogg CerealKellogg Cereal2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa is just lab rat at this point.

    FFrrosttyFFrrostty2 mÄnader sedan
  • me: i wonder if i grew up in sweden would i act like pewdiepie me finds anomaly: ohhh there i am

    Robert FainRobert Fain2 mÄnader sedan
  • Plot Twist: Papa wanted to try a list of weird drinks and anomaly records it

    BlackWhiteBlackWhite2 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa is sus

    oshri moshri m2 mÄnader sedan
  • Vafan ta upp kaffe med en jĂ€vla osthyvel

    Tbn AntoonTbn Antoon2 mÄnader sedan
  • Poor papanomaly.

    XDXD2 mÄnader sedan
  • i vote papa

    Rusty EvanRusty Evan2 mÄnader sedan
  • Im going to cry when papa diesđŸ„ș

    Bassbo0stin9Bassbo0stin92 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa always drunk doenst matter what he drinks

    Theminecraftblock93Theminecraftblock932 mÄnader sedan
  • XD

    MFT GAMINGMFT GAMING2 mÄnader sedan
  • What happend to papas eyes at 1:45?

    Fussy 06Fussy 062 mÄnader sedan
  • Who tf drinks warm Beer

    evian 176evian 1762 mÄnader sedan
  • Papa bringing out the OSTHYVEL to shovel up coffee

    simon skinnysticksimon skinnystick2 mÄnader sedan