I think Papa regrets doing this 😐

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  • Fuck, am I the only one who comes back to this video at least once or twice a week? XD I laugh every single time 🤣🤣

    Norbert HorváthNorbert HorváthDag sedan
  • Here in Germany Desperados is Good so u got bad taste xD

    Vato-Gaming CommunityVato-Gaming Community3 dagar sedan
  • Ginger joe is really good

    jesart janettjesart janett6 dagar sedan
  • 6:50 what is that sound? xd

    NajzNajz9 dagar sedan
  • Yo wtf desperados is hella nice

    ioannis 227ioannis 22710 dagar sedan
  • This video shoud be called: how to kill the table and how to not shave moustache

    Platon NazarenkoPlaton Nazarenko13 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Haix?

    TrickshotV3TrickshotV313 dagar sedan
  • papa: have i ever told you that your adopted? fatty(anomaly btw): *laughs nervously*

    NV gundanNV gundan14 dagar sedan
  • Papanomaly has already tried the tequila beer one in another beer review like 2 years ago and he liked it and now he dosent

    Pontus OlssonPontus Olsson14 dagar sedan
  • Relax Fatman your veiwers are brain dead hippies living with their parents...the bars pretty low

    jordan smithjordan smith16 dagar sedan
  • Why,you didn't shave all of papa beard😐

    Morvin Jr.Morvin Jr.20 dagar sedan
  • 5:10 fuckin Abracham Beercolm

    LeonekYTLeonekYT20 dagar sedan
  • 4:46 papanomaly looking like andy serkis

    pyroplays123pyroplays12321 dag sedan
  • Papanomaly is a saint

    ghoulie11ghoulie1122 dagar sedan
  • Im convinced Anomaly has never heard of a bottle opener

  • Bro how dare you I love desperados

    Noah MassariNoah Massari25 dagar sedan
  • Papa tries the most disgusting beers and fucking dies

    thick skinned individualthick skinned individual29 dagar sedan
  • 5 year old me playing with LEGOs 1:47

    The AzrxellThe AzrxellMånad sedan
  • i love how they have their own secret language in swedish and how Papa is freaking out on it :D i wish i would`ve had a dad

    PhilPhilMånad sedan
  • Desperados is delicius.

    Dániel SzabóDániel SzabóMånad sedan
  • I love that you don't fake shit so its actually funny god damn

    Lick the PickleLick the PickleMånad sedan
  • Alternative title: Old man dying inside for 11 minutes

    Cıbıl ZombiCıbıl ZombiMånad sedan
  • papa looks like Leprechaun gnome

    EzGam3z _EzGam3z _Månad sedan
  • «Liiiiiinda: you need to clean my room»

    D BAD BAMånad sedan
  • Is beer halal?

    MC.195MC.195Månad sedan
  • ngl this was by far the funniest video u guyes ever made

    Robirobistein _Robirobistein _Månad sedan
  • Papanomaly lowkey looking like Joshamee Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean

    Edoardo PezziniEdoardo PezziniMånad sedan
  • He looks like a fisherman 4:57

    Respect your GrandmaRespect your GrandmaMånad sedan
  • Papanomaly just turned into Andy Serkis 😂😂

    ALEX TothALEX TothMånad sedan
  • . . . . . . . . . . .

    Мливочное СаслоМливочное СаслоMånad sedan
  • Desparados is the Best wtf.... bruh

    J BJ BMånad sedan
  • What’s up with streetman, do you have new cutter?

    ediaediaMånad sedan
  • 4:58-4:59 Anomaly face leaked

    Danillov MCDanillov MCMånad sedan
  • discussing beer on my birthday :|

    BlemwwBlemwwMånad sedan
  • If i did any of this stuff to my dad i'd be in the hospital with a bunch of doctors trying to pull out a beer bottle out of my chocolate pocket

    Shaho rahimiShaho rahimiMånad sedan
  • Kidnaped Amish farmer being held hostage and being forced to drink beer (feat. Anomaly)

    žanis upaciersžanis upaciersMånad sedan
  • 0:57 2:50 4:13 4:32 4:47 5:26 6:15 6:20 6:32 6:35 6:50 7:23 7:54 8:11 8:32 8:49 8:58 9:13 9:27 9:56 10:12 10:20 10:33 10:36 10:54

    X пээя XX пээя XMånad sedan
  • me when the 6:09

    BENjhonathanBENjhonathanMånad sedan
  • Why no streetman?

    DenzixDenzixMånad sedan
  • 4.49 ya habibi Yes

    Aysun TasAysun TasMånad sedan
  • I like desperados

    troll7878troll7878Månad sedan
  • Nice one saw u face in the mirror 😂 brown hair guy

    XnoRxltXnoRxltMånad sedan
  • 8:58 XD what did he say here? why i laugh?? XD

    RealloRealloMånad sedan
    • im wondering what he said aswell

      xaminxaminMånad sedan
  • 4:59 anomaly face reveal

  • 3:25 What do you score this one? Arrrrgh.

    July LameJuly LameMånad sedan
  • Wait Sams? Wheres Streetman?

    supertonygamersupertonygamerMånad sedan
  • 4:57 little anomaly face reveal

    Matas SvirplysMatas SvirplysMånad sedan
  • im laughing before the vid has even started fml

    ROOKROOKMånad sedan
  • *disgusted twerking*

    M1n1 Dan1elM1n1 Dan1elMånad sedan
  • 2:49 : cap. 2:51: no cap.

    ZakkeZakkeMånad sedan
  • He liked it in an earlier vid. Papanomaly taste palete change. Oh no the clones ars failing

    Frog. Man.1971Frog. Man.1971Månad sedan
  • What does he say at 8:59? Hahahah

    Benny The CopBenny The CopMånad sedan
    • I wanna know that too

      xaminxaminMånad sedan
  • Miledi

    Sam STVSam STVMånad sedan
  • Papa looks like hes about to cry

    PaperManPaperManMånad sedan
  • *video starts* Anomaly: „HELLOO PAPAAA“ Papa: „ijyes c:“

    Mario HrMario HrMånad sedan
  • what do you mean desperado is hella fire

    NeverSoberNeverSoberMånad sedan
  • Abraham Lincoln love pilsner xD IM WEAK

    hplobos909hplobos909Månad sedan
  • Get papa fatman to get a ballin fade on his bers

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin2 månader sedan
  • Love you gays...guys!!

    DuraheLLDuraheLL2 månader sedan
  • That carpet must smell horrendous

    KarambitTheFrogKarambitTheFrog2 månader sedan
  • Jag cringar på era jävla engelska dialekter, men ni var kul. Jag är 11 och gör bättre än er

    - emxYT -- emxYT -2 månader sedan
  • Tbh i wouldnt believe if someone told me Anomaly is not actually Papas son

    johnny cagejohnny cage2 månader sedan
  • Who is here from @funnyanomalyclips TikTok

    Nevin RiveraNevin Rivera2 månader sedan
  • Papa looks like Andy Serkis now

    LaufendeFernbedienungLaufendeFernbedienung2 månader sedan
  • Feel bad for the table :(

    Hannes IlvesHannes Ilves2 månader sedan
  • 8:31 where did you get this amazing can opener?

    tukytuky2 månader sedan
  • Papaanomaly became Muslim 🤣🤣🤣

    Alex Red-KnightAlex Red-Knight2 månader sedan
  • me clicking on this video to watch papa drinking bad beers then seeing desperados which is my favourite drink

    Tom BaxterTom Baxter2 månader sedan
  • Man i miss streetman editing

    Roli RáczRoli Rácz2 månader sedan
  • That Apartment gon' reek of beer for months, it'll never be the same again.

    NiLoNiLo2 månader sedan
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    one oneone one2 månader sedan
  • Papa smurf

    MaDdoX On the MapMaDdoX On the Map2 månader sedan
  • Bottle opener < Table 👌

    FridiZFridiZ2 månader sedan
  • oh my fucking god its lime and salt ewww that would probably taste so gross

    Xandy XXandy X2 månader sedan
  • why does papanomaly look like the actor that played claw in blackpanther

    Tangysf the secondTangysf the second2 månader sedan
  • 7:30 papa is crying or laughing??/

    whoismewhoisme2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly really turned into how to basic

    TitolEditsTitolEdits2 månader sedan
  • papa gandalf?

    Gustav HannéGustav Hanné2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly: by far the worst video we made Me: nuts

    onolonol2 månader sedan
  • lol i thought i could use this channel as a way to get rid of my fear of vomiting but there isn't any in this episode also 9:44 and 9:57 i was crying in laughter

    MuffinTradeMarkedMuffinTradeMarked2 månader sedan
  • Papa looks like a fucking gnome, im dying

    Minethecraft636Minethecraft6362 månader sedan
  • Papa went from Viking to reading the Quran

    Fat RetardFat Retard2 månader sedan
  • don't do desperados dirty :(

    CMDR_AnonyrockCMDR_Anonyrock2 månader sedan
  • I laughed so hard i got fucking neck pain

    RyderRyder2 månader sedan
  • Vpapa

    Denzel OgDenzel Og2 månader sedan
  • desperados is one of most popular bears in poland

    k matek mate2 månader sedan
  • Anomaly where is your mask🤔😕

    tr1pl3tr1pl32 månader sedan
  • Papa looks like a person from Göteborg

    Ah!Ah!2 månader sedan
  • 10:57 with cc on

    Carl WheezerCarl Wheezer2 månader sedan
  • Why no anomalie alkohol

    Carl WheezerCarl Wheezer2 månader sedan
    • Because alcohol is haram

      C4MPERC4MPER2 månader sedan
  • Desperado is literally my dad and i's favorite beer, perfect summer beer

    Christoffer SkoogChristoffer Skoog2 månader sedan
  • 5:30 Papa: "It looks like a fake" 5:35 Papa: "That's like your channel" Papa: Hehehehe Anomaly: what? 😕 Papa: what? 😓

    WardenWarden2 månader sedan
  • Amazing😂

    Roy Kalverla `Roy Kalverla `2 månader sedan
  • It’s crazy to see the difference between papanomaly with a beard and a mustache and then without one of them but still with the other one but still more like himself without the mustache but still with the beard he looks like a complete different person with the big Santa beard and mustache than he does without it the difference is insane, if I met him on the street and hadn’t seen him with the Santa beard and mustache before only without it I probably wouldn’t even recognize him which crazy

    Nisone NorgrenNisone Norgren2 månader sedan
  • That feeling when: If you don't play along you are getting sent to the elderly home :(

    MaStErD_fLaBzMaStErD_fLaBz2 månader sedan
  • Papa look like a joshamee gibbs

    boyka buykaboyka buyka2 månader sedan
  • I think this is my new favourite video ever

    Jeremias LopezJeremias Lopez2 månader sedan
  • HOLY

    LilzervosLilzervos2 månader sedan
  • Desperados needed to be extra cold! :D

    Miguel MatosMiguel Matos2 månader sedan
  • Dafuq Desperados isnt that Bad I Met my First crush while beeing completly drunk of this Stuff

    Louis 2Louis 22 månader sedan